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018547b @nullin Adding a README for HemingwayEx
1 HemingwayEx Wordpress Theme
2 =============
4 HemingwayEx, a simple extension of Hemingway theme for Wordpress blogs. I have tried to keep the original essence of the Hemingway theme and added some new features and fixed some small issues. This theme comes with an options page and is widgetized.
6 Release Notes
7 -------
c0dd0a9 @nullin Prepare for v1.9
9 ### v1.9 (3/3/2011)
10 * Fixed: Issues with using Prototype. Replaced code to use JQuery
7910f87 @nullin * New: Enable optional use of WP 3.0 Menus
12 ### v1.8 (8/29/2010)
13 * New: Enable optional use of WP 3.0 Menus
14 * New: Using Superfish JQuery Plugin for menus (
15 * New: Enable single column for posts on Homepage
16 * Fixed: Other custom styles to handle WP 3.0 Menus
e35ed1d @nullin Prepare for moving to WP 3.0 Menus
17 * Change: Moved open/close navigation button below the nav bar and made it's position absolute
18 * Removed: Suckerfish plugin support
20 ### v1.7.1 (7/25/2010)
09520d1 @nullin Updated version, fixed comments count display and added support for wp-p...
22 * New: Added support for wp-print plugin for Posts and Pages (Dr.Mobeus)
23 * Fixed: comment counters show up correctly now (Dr.Mobeus)
8269616 @nullin Removed update checking code because it wasnt working as expected.
24 * Fixed: Update code wasn't working as expected. Removed.
09520d1 @nullin Updated version, fixed comments count display and added support for wp-p...
cb9b402 @nullin Fix version
26 ### v1.7 (7/18/2010)
018547b @nullin Adding a README for HemingwayEx
28 * New: Created v1.7 with the widgetized single post sidebar (DbZero)
29 * New: Widgetized single post sidebar and brightened the font color (DbZero)
30 * New: Added backlinks code before the comments (DbZero)
31 * New: Added different seriesbox colours for each style (DbZero)
eb102f0 @nullin update README
32 * Fixed: Fix "Open Navigation" for Wordpress 3.0
018547b @nullin Adding a README for HemingwayEx
33 * Fixed: Made excerpt on the single page only show if there is one (DbZero)
34 * Fixed: Removed some elements from being snapped by the snapshots plugin (DbZero)
35 * Fixed: Make the comment count before the comments not visible if Intense Debate is active (DbZero)
37 ### v1.6 (9/5/2009)
39 * New: Made drop-down menu optional. Gave option to gave categories drop-down (DbZero)
40 * New: New options in the config menu about excerpts and a Reddit button (DbZero)
41 * New: Modifies the single page to provide support for a few plugins if they are available (DbZero)
42 * New: Changed the suckerfish menu in the navigation (DbZero)
43 * New: Added styles for some particular plugins (DbZero)
44 * New: Added support for WP 2.7 Image Alignment (DbZero)
45 * New: Added a new css style, Void Infinite which is a Blue on Black one based on the classic HemingwayEx (DbZero)
46 * Fixed: Fixed the css for the drop-down to be an appropriate color (DbZero)
48 ### v1.5 (9/3/2008)
50 * New: A new CSS style with Black, Blue and Gray colors.
51 * New: Added support for Paginating the homepage
52 * New: Added WP Gravatar API into the comments. You can turn it on/off using WP->Settings->Discussion page
53 * New: Updated the theme to start using JavaScript files included in WP.
54 * Fixed: Removed support for Hemingway blocks. Now, this theme only works with Widgets.
55 * Fixed: Fixed a few bugs reported by Thomas regarding the search page.
56 * Fixed: Minor code clean up here and there.
58 ### v1.1 (4/29/2008)
60 * New: Added option to enable/disable the sidebars
61 * New: Added option to enable/disable the font resizer
62 * New: Added option to enable/disable the post navigation
63 * New: Added option to turn on/off the excerpt on home page
64 * New: (Hopefully) fixed the update notification mechanism
65 * New: Added support for Related Posts plugin. You just need to download and activate the plugin.
66 * New: Started using WP’s in-built support for Tags instead of UTW tags.
67 * Fixed: Fixed CSS issues here and there. The look and feel should be a little bit better now
68 * Fixed: Removed the in-built Asides support
69 * Fixed: Did some SEO optimizations
71 ### v1.0 (7/14/2007)
73 ### v0.95 beta (3/4/2007)
75 ### v0.93 beta (2/21/2007)
77 ### v0.9 beta (2/18/2007)
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