PHP library for modifying an PowerDNS MySQL database
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PHP library for modifying an PowerDNS MySQL database


//setup the database config
$db = array(
	 'host'		=>	'localhost'
	,'user'		=>	'pdns'
	,'password'	=>	''
	,'driver'	=>	'mysql'
	,'port'		=>	3306
Config::set('pdns.db',$db); unset($db);

$domain = PDNS::fetchDomain('');
$domain = PDNS::fetchDomainByHost('');
$record = PDNS::fetchRecord(array('id'=>1));

//update - updates or creates record and finds it by ident
//this is the main function unless advanced actions are needed
$rv = PDNS::update('','','A');
if($rv === false)
	throw new Exception('Failed to update record:');

//delete a record the preferred way
$rv = PDNS::delete('','','A');

//raw create record
$id = PDNS::createRecord(array(
	 'domain_id'		=>	1
	,'name'				=>	''
	,'type'				=>	'A'
	,'content'			=>	''
	,'ttl'				=>	60
	,'prio'				=>	''

//update raw record
$rv = PDNS::updateRecord(1,array('type'=>'CNAME','content'=>''));

//delete raw record
$rv = PDNS::deleteRecord(array('id'=>1));


(array) PDNS::fetchDomain($name)

Get a domain by its name and return the database row

(array) PDNS::fetchDomainByHost($name)

Take a FQDN and return its given domain database row

(mixed) PDNS::update($identifier,$data,$type='A')

  • $identifier Ident that gets passed to PDNS::fetchDomainByHost()
  • $data The record data eg:
  • $type The record type defaults to A Returns the record ID on creation, TRUE on update, FALSE on failure

(mixed) PDNS::delete($identifier,$data,$type='A')

  • $identifier The host identifier eg:
  • $data The record data eg:
  • $type Record type which defaults to A Returns FALSE on failure, TRUE on success

Internal Refernce

This is for raw database actions, generally more advanced usage.

(mixed) PDNS::createRecord($args)

Takes any amount of arguments to create a database record. The current record schema looks like this

  • id Record ID number
  • domain_id Domain ID number
  • name The record name eg:
  • type Record type eg: A
  • content Record content eg:
  • ttl Record TTL eg: 60
  • prio The record priority mainly used for MX records eg: 10
  • change_date This gets set automatically

(mixed) PDNS::fetchRecord($args)

Similar to create by takes an array of arguments related to the schema and returns the database row. Returns FALSE on failure

(bool) PDNS::updateRecord($id=null,$args=array())

  • $id Record ID number
  • $args Parameters to update, see the schema for PDNS::createRecord() Returns TRUE on success, FALSE on failure

(bool) PDNS::deleteRcord($args=array())

  • $args Similar to PDNS::fetchRecord() Returns TRUE on success, FALSE on failure