Highlights and Features

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  • The complete source code is available and licenced under zlib-style licence.
  • Thread-based architechture takes full advantage of multicore-CPUs.
  • Support for multiple simultaneous audio and video streams.
  • Reads frames asynchronously from GPU using GL_ARB_pixel_buffer_object extension.
  • Does enforce fps cap only in the captured stream.
  • If the application can play audio using ALSA, glc can record it regardless of sound card's capabilities.
  • Support for recording voice to a separate audio stream.
  • Stores color correction information and applies it at playback.
  • Minimal application overhead (eg. slow HDD does not slow program down).
  • Fast arbitrary ratio video scaling with bilinear filtering.
  • Does colorspace conversion to YCbCr 420jpeg which cuts stream size in half.
  • Compresses stream with lightweight LZO or QuickLZ compression which saves additional 40%-60%.