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How to play a captured stream

Play directly

To play a captured stream directly, execute glc-play [stream file]

ESC stops playback (closing window just closes a video stream), f toggles fullscreen and Right seeks forward.

Play using mplayer

Exporting audio and video streams to pipes it is possible to play stream directly using mplayer.

To play just video, execute glc-play [stream file] -y 1 -o - | mplayer -demuxer y4m -

To play audio, execute glc-play [stream file] -a 1 -o - | mplayer -demuxer lavf -

Using fifos it is possible to play both streams simultaneously. mkfifo audio.fifo mkfifo video.fifo

glc-play [stream file] -o audio.fifo -a 1 &
glc-play [stream file] -o video.fifo -y 1 &

mplayer -audio-demuxer 35 -audiofile audio.fifo video.fifo
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