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Contributing to Cathook or other Nullworks Projects


  • A working up-to-date cathook installation
  • C++ knowledge
  • Git knowledge
  • Ability to ask for help (Feel free to create empty pull-request or PM a maintainer in Telegram)

Setting up cathook

Cathook reduces its git repository size automatically by using a "shallow repository". This makes developing difficult by not providing branches and omitting the commit history.

The easiest way to undo this is by running the developer script located in scripts.

Pull requests and Branches

In order to send code back to the official cathook repository, you must first create a copy of cathook on your github account (fork) and then create a pull request back to cathook.

All cathook developement is usually performed on the testing branch. Please make sure to submit your pull request to that branch.


The nullworks code-style can be found in


Cathook has already created the directory build where cmake files are located. By default, you can build cathook by running cmake .. && make -j$(grep -c '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo) in the build directory. You can then test your changes by using one of the attach scripts at your disposal.

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