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Cathook Training Software



Risk of VAC detection

The software could be detected by VAC in the future. Only use it on accounts you won't regret getting VAC banned.


Cathook is a training software designed for Team Fortress 2 for Linux. Cathook includes some joke features like

  • Ignore Hoovy
  • Encrypted chat
  • Nullnexus Support (Find other Cathook users in-game automatically)
  • Sandvich aimbot
  • Chance to get manually VAC banned by Valve

and a lot of useful features, including

  • Working hitscan nospread
  • Anti Backstab with option to use "No" voice command when spy tries to backstab you
  • Extremely customizable spam (you can make spam lines that'll include name of random dead enemy pyro or sniper)
  • Follow Bots
  • Navparser Bots (Walkbots that can walk on any map without manual configuration)
  • Working crit hack (Editors note: Not fully working on all weapons)
  • Backtrack
  • Automatic matchmaking
  • And many more features!


Installing, updating, attaching (injecting)

View our short guide to installing and using cathook


You can chat with other cathook users in our official Telegram group and the cathook announcements channel. If you don't have Telegram, you can chat with other cathook users in our official Matrix room, however, you will have to ask TotallyNotElite or BenCat07 for an invite to said room.

Reporting Issues

If some things doesn't work as expected, please open issues on GitHub using this page.


Do you want to submit code to cathook? Please read for a short introduction.