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Cathook Training Software

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Risk of VAC detection

The software could be detected by VAC in the future. Only use it on accounts you won't regret getting VAC banned.


You can chat with other cathook users in our official telegram group and the cathook announcements channel.

Reporting Issues

If some things doesn't work as expected, please open issues on GitHub using this page.


Do you want to submit code to cathook? Please read for a short introduction.


Cathook is a training software designed for Team Fortress 2 for Linux. Cathook includes some joke features like

  • Ignore Hoovy
  • Encrypted chat
  • IRC Support (Find other Cathook users in-game automatically)
  • Chance to get manually VAC banned by Valve

and a lot of useful features, including

  • Anti Backstab with option to use "No" voice command when spy tries to backstab you
  • Extremely customizable spam (you can make spam lines that'll include name of random dead enemy pyro or sniper)
  • Follow Bots
  • Navparser Bots (Walkbots than can walk on any map without manual configuration)
  • Working crit hack (does not work right now (works right now))

FULL LIST OF FEATURES HERE (list might be outdated)


Automatic: (Ubuntu 18.04+/Fedora/Arch based only)

Run in terminal:

  • bash <(wget -qO-


Clone Cathook:

User mode:

git clone --depth 1

Developer mode:

git clone --recursive

Install dependencies:


git boost cmake make gcc gdb lib32-sdl2 lib32-glew lib32-freetype2 rsync lib32-libglvnd dialog


software-properties-common build-essential git g++ g++-multilib libboost-all-dev gdb libsdl2-dev:i386 libglew-dev:i386 libfreetype6-dev:i386 cmake dialog rsync


cmake dialog make gcc-c++ glibc-devel.i686 freetype-devel.i686 SDL2-devel.i686 glew-devel.i686 boost-devel.i686 rsync gdb git

Other distros

You will have to find matching packages yourself.

Compile Cathook:

Go into the cathook directory and run ./update

Updating Cathook

Run the update script in Cathook folder.

Cathook requires a special data folder (contains shaders, font files, walkbot paths, etc). This folder is located at /opt/cathook/data and is generated automatically when you compile Cathook.


sudo ./attach to attach Cathook into TF2. Optionally, you can provide a PID (for bots or other linux users).

sudo ./attach-gdb to attach and print backtrace in case TF2 crashes. Requires a debug Cathook build (run ./config to configure the build mode). Some users report that this causes FPS drop in-game. This is recommended if you want to grab a log of what went wrong if Cathook is crashing on you (report it!)

Followbots (outdated)

cathook-ipc-server allows you to run and control Followbots to do your evil bidding in-game. The installation for Followbots is quite complex, and will not be covered on this page. Obviously, you must have several user accounts ready to run TF2.
A guide for Followbots can be found here: How to setup and use followbots.

The installation script is as followed:

git clone --recursive && cd cathook-ipc-server && make -j4

To run the Followbot server, run ./bin/cathook-ipc-server. You can also use ./bin/cathook-ipc-server &>/dev/null & to run it in background.

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