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NullWorks code style (Work in progress)



  • Code must be formatted with clang-format, the .clang-format settings file is provided within this repo.
  • using namespace is strictly forbidden.
  • Hungarian notation is forbidden.
  • Comments should be above the relevant code.
  • Use modern c++. (Usage of make_unique instead of new, etc)

File names


Header files

Header files must have extension of .hpp and be guarded with #pragma once in the beginning.

Variable names

  • Variable names must be lower_snake_case, member variable names must not be prefixed by m_ or any other prefixes.
  • Constants must be in UPPER_SNAKE_CASE and use constexpr, not #define. For example: constexpr int MAX = 100;.

Namespace names

Namespace names follow the same rules as Variable names.

Function names

Function/method names must be in lowerCamelCase.

Class names

  • Class names must be in PascalCase.
  • Struct names must be in lower_snake_case.