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Feature List and explanations

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Setup Cathook with ingame Menu


Main Window


Aimbot is that tool which automatically aims and shoots. All classes can use aimbot with guns or melees!

Some additional descriptions:

  • Enable Aimbot: Cathook is aiming if it is enabled.

  • Backtracking: (Broken right now, do not use, thanks)

  • Aimkey mode: Disabled means no aimkey, aimbot is active countinously, Pressed: Aimbot is enabled while Aimkey is pressed, Not pressed: Aimbot is active while Aimkey is not pressed, Toggle: Aimbot gets toggled on pressing the aimkey.

  • Autoshot: Automatically Shoot while aiming with aimbot.

  • Disguised autoshoot: if Enabled it shoots disguised spies.

  • Silent: Cathook shots without turning to target.

  • FOV: max FOV to shoot in

  • FOV circle: draw that circle where aimbot Shoots enemies. (When Priority mode is FOV.)

  • Zoomed only: Cathook shots only when zoomed in.

  • Auto spin-up: Heavy's minigun will be automaticly spinned-up (before shooting.)

  • Auto unzoom: when Cathook doesn't see any targets it auto unzooms the sniper's scope.

  • Autozoom: before aiming sniper's scope will be zoomed in.

  • Hitbox: Aim at the selected hitbox.

  • Hitbox mode: Auto Prefers Head, if no Head is visible it aims at the spine hitboxes, Static: aiming only at the selected Hitbox, Auto Closest: Shoot the hitbox closest to you.

  • Lock target: Aims at the same target until it turns invalid.

  • Miss chance: Miss chance as Decimal, 10 = 10%, 100 = 100%.

  • Multipoint: Try hitting other points than the center of the hitboxes if possible

  • Priority mode: No explanation needed.

  • Max. range: Maximum aimbot range.

  • Enable projectile aimbot: duh.

  • Extrapolate: Take ping into compensation (Not recommended).

  • Slow aimbot: Slow aimbot option makes you turn slower and aims for a more legit feel (also combine with triggerbot and disable autoshoot to hit better).

Target options:

  • Sentry guns: Cathook aims to sentries too.

  • Stickybombs: Cathook aims to stickies too.

  • Rage only: If you have set users as RAGE earlier, then aimbot will aim only them. (Check cat_pl_set_state and cat_pl_*** options in console or Playerlist menu.)


  • Enable backtrack: Makes you able to shoot Players where they were up to x ms ago (x = Fake latency + 200)
  • Draw backtrack: Draw the backtrack positions.
  • Fake Latency: Amount to Backtrack by, max you should use is 800ms as that gives the biggest range of backtracking (600- 1000ms)

Trigger Bot

→ Trigger Bot

Trigger Bot is a tool that fires your gun automatic when the enemy is hovered.

Some additional descriptions:

  • Enable: Enable Triggerbot. (Note: Aimbot->Enable Aimbot and Trigger Bot->Enable options can be enabled at same time, but it only is good with slow aim, no reason to use it combined with normal AImbot else.)
  • Wait for charge: Wait until the charge would kill the enemy.
  • Accuracy mode: Higher values makes it more accurate, lower values make you able to hit the hitbox in a bigger range
  • Delay: delays in ms between aim is on Target and Trigger Bot fires.

→ Auto Heal

Automatically Heals.

Some additional descriptions:

  • Silent: medic doesn't turn to teammates while healing.
  • SteamID: medic primarily heals the player whose steamID is given here. (SteamID only can be numeric and have to be the Format SteamID3. SteamIDs can be seen by running the command status in Console of TF2. i'd recommend using cat set to set the steamid instead of manually typing it)
  • Share Über: medic tries to gives everyone around him Übercharge.
  • AutoVaccinator: medic's automated Vaccinator behavior can be set.

→ Auto Detonator, Auto Backstab

Automatically blows up the Detonator projectile when near enemies.

Autobackstab. No additional descriptions needed.

→ Auto Reflect

A tool for Pyros. Airblast will be automated with the use of Auto Reflect.

→ Auto Sticky

Automatically detonates stickies.


to be continued

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