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Installing, Attaching And General Infos

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Get Cathook

Cathook is available from source code that is compilable under any Linux distribution that supports its dependencies. If you are not a professional Linux user or you never built from source code any programs, don't run away, just follow the simple guide below.

(Optional) Install CathookOS

CathookOS is tested and preconfigured Manjaro edition configured to be as user-friendly as possible for new Linux users. It features the KDE Desktop and supports almost any graphics setup out of the box. It can be installed alongside Windows with a single click in the installer (called "Dual booting").

Download CathookOS

The next step is to flash it onto a USB stick using a utility like etcher and boot and install it. The Cathook-GUI appimage will already be on your Desktop and Steam is preinstalled.

Manjaro, Archlinux, Fedora and Ubuntu

If your distro is not listed here, we automatically enable a compatibility mode that should work with any distro.

Make sure that you have steam installed on your system before following these steps.

Download the Cathook GUI binary:

The next step is to extract the .AppImage file from the archive:

Then, simply double click the now extracted .AppImage file to open the menu. (If it asks whether to integrate or Run Once, hit Run Once) Press the "install" button to begin the installation process. You will be asked for your password and permission to install packages.

That's it! You're done! A "cathook" folder has now been created next to your .AppImage file.

CLI install

Run in terminal:

  • bash <(wget -qO-

Other Linux distribtuions

Cathook may be installed on other distributions too. All dependencies can be read and manually installed from the dependencycheck script in the scripts folder.

Maintaining your Cathook installation

(By default, Cathook holds back bleeding edge updates from the stable cathook version. You will be informed about stable updates in this telegram channel:


Press the update button and wait for it to finish.


Run the update script and wait for it to finish.

Attaching to TF2


Once Cathook has been installed, just start your TF2. When you see the beginning screen, use ALT+TAB to get back to Cathook GUI where you can then press "Attach". After attaching you should see some cheat info in the top left corner of the game.

Cathook by nullworks

Version: #(GitHub commit) Commit Date


Press 'INSERT' key to open/close cheat menu

Use mouse to navigate in menu


Run sudo ./attach in the Cathook folder.

Setup Cathook in-game

Cathook's in-game menu and Cathook options

Open the Cathook GUI by pressing the "insert" key on your keyboard. WARNING: Cathook has a lot of features. It might take some time until you get used to the menu.

Run Cathook commands in TF2's console

All Cathook commands begin with cat_ letters. Cathook will suggest available commands completing your typed text. You can use the TF2 "find" command to find commands containing certain text.

You can also modify your Cathook configuration's variables (RVars). Just use cat set your_variable format. You can read values of variables using cat get your_variable command. The command "cat_find" can be used to find RVars containing certain text.

Can I save and load my Cathook configurations?

Yes. Use the cat_load name_of_config and cat_save name_of_config commands in console.

What is the best configuration for Cathook?

There is no best one. Class-by-class, map-by-map, with bots-without bots... There are so many options that there is no real universal config. You may just want to experiment with the settings.

Communicate with other Cathook users

Using telegram channel

You can chat with other Cathook users in Cathook's official telegram group.

Using GitHub (Contributions welcome!)

GitHub repo.

In game communication

Users can send Encrypted messages globally with !!!your_message commands typing in the chat of TF2. (See the THREE exclamation marks.), sending such a message won't spew it in chat.

Useful tips and tricks

I have a problem. May I report it to developers?

Yes. (Bug)reports are welcomed. If needed you can find log files of Cathook, they are in the /tmp directory named like cathook-l-11111.log and cathook-l-11111-segfault.log. You can report here.