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About bunny

Bunny is a synchronous AMQP 0.8.0 client. It supports Ruby 1.9.2, 1.8.7, Ruby Enterprise Edition and JRuby. Protocol-wise, Bunny supports AMQP 0.9.1 and 0.8. Support for AMQP 0.8 will be dropped in the next version of Bunny (0.8) because most of popular AMQP brokers such as RabbitMQ have already stopped or are planning to stop supporting it in the near future.

Bunny is based on a great deal of useful code from the amqp Ruby gem and Carrot.

You can use Bunny to:

  • Create and delete exchanges
  • Create and delete queues
  • Publish and consume messages

Quick Start

require "bunny"

b = => true)

# start a communication session with the amqp server

# declare a queue
q = b.queue("test1")

# declare default direct exchange which is bound to all queues
e ="")

# publish a message to the exchange which then gets routed to the queue
e.publish("Hello, everybody!", :key => 'test1')

# get message from the queue
msg = q.pop[:payload]

puts "This is the message: " + msg + "\n\n"

# close the connection

… or just:

require "bunny"

# Create a direct queue named "my_testq" { |c| c.queue("my_testq") }

Please see the examples directory for additional usage information.

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