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With the release of our newest chain-building solution ChainBox, we are inviting developers to win up to $500,000 in NULS prizes by building modules for the world's most adaptable blockchain. NULS is so easy that modules can be created by developers with no direct blockchain experience! For this reason, developers can choose between two objectives to build their modules based on the type of experience they possess. Modules can be built in the coding language of choice.

There are two developer objectives to choose from:

  1. Build a module that can realize specific application scenarios, and use ChainBox to build a new chain in minutes, load the module and test.

  2. Design and implement a blockchain ecosystem extension module, and use the ChainBox to build a new blockchain in minutes, load the module and test.

Activities can include, but are not limited to, oracle data modules, mortgage lending modules, DEX transaction modules, account permissions modules, anonymous privacy modules, traceability certificates, and additional consensus mechanisms.

Module languages include, but are not limited to, C++, Golang, JAVA, JS, Python, etc.

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