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NuMat Logo

This repository contains the source code and history of the NuMat Technologies website, all the way back to the very first version.


NuMat uses jekyll to build fast static sites from source files. To run a local copy of the site, copy the source files and use jekyll.

git clone
jekyll serve

Navigate to http://localhost:4000, and you're done.


NuMat uses features through jekyll to simplify the code base, and GitHub Pages for free high-speed hosting.

Wherever possible, the website separates content from design. For most pages, the content can be found in the _data folder in human-readable YAML (*.yml) files. These files correspond to liquid files (*.liquid) in the root directory, which contain the HTML structure. In cases where liquid / YAML is overkill, pages are written in simple markdown (*.md). The files in _layouts are used to avoid duplicate code between files by providing base layouts.

Stylesheets are in _sass, and are broken up into multiple sass (*.scss) files. The main.scss file combines everything in _sass to be served in production.

We use open-source javascript libraries to improve user interaction. The most current list of libraries can be found in the source code.