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LED Expansion Module demo code
Numato Lab

This package contains source and other files necessary to build 
LED Expansion Module demo for the following boards.

1. Elbert V2 Spartan 3A FPGA Development Board

2. Mimas Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board

3. Mimas V2 Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board with DDR SDRAM

4. Saturn Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board with DDR SDRAM
5. Waxwing Spartan 6 Mini Module With Carrier

6. Waxwing Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board

7. Neso Artix 7 FPGA Module

8. Skoll Kintex 7 FPGA Module
The LED Expansion Module used to test this code is available at 

IO Breakout Boards make it easier to attach expansion modules to Saturn and Mimas. 
Please see links to IO Breakout boards below.

Spartan 3 & 6 Series:

There are two ways to build this project. Either using Xilinx ISE or running 
easy to use batch files. ISE Webpack must be installed with proper license in 
either case. By default the project is configured to build for XC6SLX45. To 
build for a different device you need to open LEDExpansionModule.xise
in ISE and change the device in project properties and rebuild.

1. Building the project using Xilinx ISE
   Open the project file LEDExpansionModule.xise using ISE. Right 
   click on the "Generate Programming Files" process in the process window and
   select "Rerun all". You may need to add appropriate user constraints file to
   the project depending on which board you are building the project for. User
   Constraints Files for all supported boards can be found inside "ucf" folder.
2. Building the project using Command Line Window
   Open command line window and navigate to the folder where the project files
   are located. Invoke the batch file and give necessary input asked. Make sure
   all build steps finish successfully. You will need to register the path to Xilinx
   build tools (usually C:\Xilinx\xx.xx\ISE_DS\ISE\bin\nt) in PATH environment
   variable for the batch files to work.
ISE Webpack software and license is available for free at http://www.xilinx.com
When the build finishes successfully a .bin and a .bit file should be created in
the folder name binary.

Artix and Kintex 7 Series:

There is a "LEDExpansionModule.xpr" vivado project file. Just open it by double
clicking. By default the project is configured for Skoll. Click "Generate Bitstream"
and choose Yes in any subsequent dialog windows. For building for Neso, change the
FPGA device to XC7A100T from "Project Settings" and set the "Neso" constraints set 
to "Active". You may now select "Generate Bitstream" to build the project.

Sr No.  Numato Lab's FPGA Board         Header Used
                                     LEDs         PUSH BUTTONs
1          Elbert V2                 P4           P4
2          Mimas*                    P2           P5
3          Mimas V2                  P6           P9
4          Saturn LX16**             P11          P12
5          Saturn LX45**             P11          P12
6          Waxwing Carrier           P5           P7
7          Waxwing Dev Board         P5           P3
8          Neso(IO Expansion on P5)  P12          P7
9          Skoll(IO Expansion on P5) P12          P7

*  Mimas Expansion Connector connected to Header P1 of Mimas.
** Saturn Expansion Connector connected to Header P2 of Saturn Spartan 6 Development Board.