A library of GLSL shaders
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A library of GLSL shaders

Modern OpenGL relies heavily on GLSL shaders. They are needed for pretty much everything you draw. As there are certain "default" shader effects I’ve decided create this shader collection and hope that it helps not (re)writing a shader for the nth time.

Shader organization

The shaders are sorted by type like filter, shading, npr, .... Each fragment-shader is implemented as an image space filter which can be directly used in a deferred renderer. With some minor adjustments it can be integrated in a regular forward rendering system: instead of reading the per-fragment data from a texture they have to be read from attributes.

Most shaders are created for readability/"educational purposes" = not optimized for speed. Actually most stuff could be done much faster.

Folder structure

As every GLSL version has different functions the implementation of a single shader can vary quite dramatically between versions. To reflect that the top directory stores the GLSL version:

|- version 150
|- ...