Various useful stuff for working with GLSL shaders
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Various useful stuff for working with GLSL shaders.

GLSL-filter for doxygen

A filter for doxygen to process GLSL shader, usage explained here. An example can be seen here. You can also run doxygen in the doxygen/doxytest subfolder to generate the documentation for a minimal example.


Integrate the doxygen filter into your project:

  • Add FILE_PATTERNS: *.frag, *.vert
  • Add FILTER_PATTERNS: "*.frag=./", "*.vert=./"
  • Add EXTENSION_MAPPING=.frag=C++, .vert=C++

LaTeX Syntax-highlight with listings

If you want some colored source code in your LaTeX document feel free to use the syntax-definitions.

SublimeLinter glslangValidator

I've written a linter plugin for Sublime Text plugin SublimeLinter that uses Kronos Reference-Compiler glslangValidator to compile GLSL code. The errors (if any) are highlighted in the editor as shown below:

alt text

Other things

There's a bash script to blur a cubemap, e.g. useful for diffuse reflections and IBL things. Feel free to change the blur values for a more blurred variant. The input is expected to have the name convention: [neg,pos][x,y,z].jpg.