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mkdir build
cd build
set BUILD_CONFIG=Release
REM === Configure step ===
REM allow setting the targets to build as an environment variable
if "%ARCH%"=="32" (
set "GEN_ARCH=Win32"
) else (
set "ARCH_POSTFIX= Win64"
set "GEN_ARCH=x64"
REM The platform toolset host arch is set to x64 so as to use the 64bit linker,
REM the 32bit linker heap is too small for llvm8 so it tries and falls over to
REM the 64bit linker anyway. This must be passed in to certain generators as
REM '-Thost x64'.
set PreferredToolArchitecture=x64
REM On older generators we can squeete the architecture into the generator
REM name. In newer generators, we must use the -A flag for cmake to hand in the
REM correct architecture. Also, using Visual Studio 16 2019 we use toolset
REM v141, which basically means use a Visual Studio 15 2017 type compiler from
REM Visual Studio 16 2019. See also:
set "CMAKE_GENERATOR[0]=Visual Studio 14 2015%ARCH_POSTFIX%"
set "CMAKE_GENERATOR[1]=Visual Studio 15 2017%ARCH_POSTFIX%"
set "CMAKE_GENERATOR[2]=Visual Studio 16 2019"
set "CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET[0]=host %PreferredToolArchitecture%"
set "CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET[1]=host %PreferredToolArchitecture%"
REM Reduce build times and package size by removing unused stuff
REM BENCHMARKS (new for llvm8) don't build under Visual Studio 14 2015
REM try all compatible visual studio toolsets to find one that is installed
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for /l %%n in (0,1,%MAX_INDEX_CMAKE_GENERATOR%) do (
cmake -G "!CMAKE_GENERATOR[%%n]!" ^
if not errorlevel 1 goto configuration_successful
del CMakeCache.txt
REM no compatible visual studio toolset was found
if errorlevel 1 exit 1
REM === Build step ===
cmake --build . --config "%BUILD_CONFIG%"
if errorlevel 1 exit 1
REM === Install step ===
cmake --build . --config "%BUILD_CONFIG%" --target install
if errorlevel 1 exit 1
REM From:
"%BUILD_CONFIG%\bin\opt" -S -vector-library=SVML -mcpu=haswell -O3 "%RECIPE_DIR%\numba-3016.ll" | "%BUILD_CONFIG%\bin\FileCheck" "%RECIPE_DIR%\numba-3016.ll"
if errorlevel 1 exit 1
REM This is technically how to run the suite, but it will only run in an
REM enhanced unix-like shell which has functions like `grep` available.
REM cd ..\test
REM "%PYTHON%" "..\build\%BUILD_CONFIG%\bin\" -vv Transforms ExecutionEngine Analysis CodeGen/X86
REM if errorlevel 1 exit 1