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We welcome people who want to make contributions to Numba, big or small! Even simple documentation improvements are encouraged.

Asking questions

Numba has a discourse forum for longer/more involved questions and an IRC channel on for quick questions and interactive help.

Ways to help:

There's lots of ways to help improve Numba, some of these require creating code changes, see contributing patches below.

Quick things:

  • Answer a question asked on discourse or
  • Review a page of documentation, check it makes sense, that it's clear and still relevant, that the examples are present, good and working. Fix anything that needs updating in a pull request.
  • Make a file that is not flake8 compliant meet the standard, a list of all failing files is in the exclude section of the .flake8 config, then create a pull request with the change.

More involved things:

  • Review a pull request, you don't need to be a compiler engineer to do an initial review of a pull request. It's incredibly helpful to have pull requests go through a review to just make sure the code change is well formed, documented, efficient and clear. Further, if the code is fixing a bug, making sure that tests are present demonstrating it is fixed! Look out for PRs with the needs initial review label.
  • Work on fixing or implementing something in the code base, there are a lot of good first issue's and good second issue's. For implementing new features/functionality, the extension API is the best thing to use and a guide to using @overload in particular is here and the API documentation is here.

Contributing patches

Please fork the Numba repository on Github, and create a new branch containing your work. When you are done, open a pull request.

Further reading

Please read the contributing guide.