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/* __has_attribute() is a clang / gcc-5 macro */
#ifndef __has_attribute
# define __has_attribute(x) 0
/* This attribute marks symbols that can be shared across C objects
* but are not exposed outside of a shared library or executable.
* Note this is default behaviour for global symbols under Windows.
#if (__has_attribute(visibility) || \
(defined(__GNUC__) && __GNUC__ >= 4))
#define VISIBILITY_HIDDEN __attribute__ ((visibility("hidden")))
* Numba's version of the PyArray_DescrCheck macro from NumPy, use it as a
* direct replacement of NumPy's PyArray_DescrCheck to ensure binary
* compatibility.
* Details of why this is needed:
* NumPy 1.18 changed the definition of the PyArray_DescrCheck macro here:
* the result of this being that building against NumPy <1.18 would prevent
* Numba running against NumPy >= 1.20 as noted here:
* This macro definition is copied from:
* NOTE: This is the NumPy 1.18 and above version of the macro.
#define NUMBA_PyArray_DescrCheck(op) PyObject_TypeCheck(op, &PyArrayDescr_Type)
#endif /* NUMBA_COMMON_H_ */