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Implement a rewrite pass on a LLVM module to remove unnecessary
refcount operations.
from import CallVisitor
from numba.core import types
class _MarkNrtCallVisitor(CallVisitor):
A pass to mark all NRT_incref and NRT_decref.
def __init__(self):
self.marked = set()
def visit_Call(self, instr):
if getattr(instr.callee, 'name', '') in _accepted_nrtfns:
def _rewrite_function(function):
# Mark NRT usage
markpass = _MarkNrtCallVisitor()
# Remove NRT usage
for bb in function.basic_blocks:
for inst in list(bb.instructions):
if inst in markpass.marked:
_accepted_nrtfns = 'NRT_incref', 'NRT_decref'
def _legalize(module, dmm, fndesc):
Legalize the code in the module.
Returns True if the module is legal for the rewrite pass that removes
unnecessary refcounts.
def valid_output(ty):
Valid output are any type that does not need refcount
model = dmm[ty]
return not model.contains_nrt_meminfo()
def valid_input(ty):
Valid input are any type that does not need refcount except Array.
return valid_output(ty) or isinstance(ty, types.Array)
# Ensure no reference to function marked as
# "numba_args_may_always_need_nrt"
nmd = module.get_named_metadata("numba_args_may_always_need_nrt")
except KeyError:
# Nothing marked
# Has functions marked as "numba_args_may_always_need_nrt"
if len(nmd.operands) > 0:
# The pass is illegal for this compilation unit.
return False
# More legalization base on function type
argtypes = fndesc.argtypes
restype = fndesc.restype
calltypes = fndesc.calltypes
# Legalize function arguments
for argty in argtypes:
if not valid_input(argty):
return False
# Legalize function return
if not valid_output(restype):
return False
# Legalize all called functions
for callty in calltypes.values():
if callty is not None and not valid_output(callty.return_type):
return False
# Ensure no allocation
for fn in module.functions:
if not in _accepted_nrtfns:
return False
return True
def remove_unnecessary_nrt_usage(function, context, fndesc):
Remove unnecessary NRT incref/decref in the given LLVM function.
It uses highlevel type info to determine if the function does not need NRT.
Such a function does not:
- return array object(s);
- take arguments that need refcounting except array;
- call function(s) that return refcounted object.
In effect, the function will not capture or create references that extend
the lifetime of any refcounted objects beyound the lifetime of the
The rewrite is performed in place.
If rewrite has happened, this function returns True, otherwise, it returns False.
dmm = context.data_model_manager
if _legalize(function.module, dmm, fndesc):
return True
return False