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from numba.core import errors, ir
from numba.core.rewrites import register_rewrite, Rewrite
class DetectStaticBinops(Rewrite):
Detect constant arguments to select binops.
# Those operators can benefit from a constant-inferred argument
rhs_operators = {'**'}
def match(self, func_ir, block, typemap, calltypes):
self.static_lhs = {}
self.static_rhs = {}
self.block = block
# Find binop expressions with a constant lhs or rhs
for expr in block.find_exprs(op='binop'):
if (expr.fn in self.rhs_operators
and expr.static_rhs is ir.UNDEFINED):
self.static_rhs[expr] = func_ir.infer_constant(expr.rhs)
except errors.ConstantInferenceError:
return len(self.static_lhs) > 0 or len(self.static_rhs) > 0
def apply(self):
Store constant arguments that were detected in match().
for expr, rhs in self.static_rhs.items():
expr.static_rhs = rhs
return self.block