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#include <stdlib.h>
typedef struct MemInfo NRT_MemInfo;
typedef void NRT_managed_dtor(void *data);
typedef struct {
/* Methods to create MemInfos.
MemInfos are like smart pointers for objects that are managed by the Numba.
/* Allocate memory
*nbytes* is the number of bytes to be allocated
Returning a new reference.
NRT_MemInfo* (*allocate)(size_t nbytes);
/* Convert externally allocated memory into a MemInfo.
*data* is the memory pointer
*dtor* is the deallocator of the memory
NRT_MemInfo* (*manage_memory)(void *data, NRT_managed_dtor dtor);
/* Acquire a reference */
void (*acquire)(NRT_MemInfo* mi);
/* Release a reference */
void (*release)(NRT_MemInfo* mi);
/* Get MemInfo data pointer */
void* (*get_data)(NRT_MemInfo* mi);
} NRT_api_functions;
#endif /* NUMBA_NRT_EXTERNAL_H_ */
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