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Serialization support for compiled functions.
import sys
import abc
import io
import copyreg
import pickle
from numba import cloudpickle
# Pickle support
def _rebuild_reduction(cls, *args):
Global hook to rebuild a given class from its __reduce__ arguments.
return cls._rebuild(*args)
# Keep unpickled object via `numba_unpickle` alive.
_unpickled_memo = {}
def _numba_unpickle(address, bytedata, hashed):
"""Used by `numba_unpickle` from _helperlib.c
address : int
bytedata : bytes
hashed : bytes
obj : object
unpickled object
key = (address, hashed)
obj = _unpickled_memo[key]
except KeyError:
_unpickled_memo[key] = obj = cloudpickle.loads(bytedata)
return obj
def dumps(obj):
"""Similar to `pickle.dumps()`. Returns the serialized object in bytes.
pickler = NumbaPickler
with io.BytesIO() as buf:
p = pickler(buf, protocol=4)
pickled = buf.getvalue()
return pickled
# Alias to pickle.loads to allow `serialize.loads()`
loads = cloudpickle.loads
class _CustomPickled:
"""A wrapper for objects that must be pickled with `NumbaPickler`.
Standard `pickle` will pick up the implementation registered via `copyreg`.
This will spawn a `NumbaPickler` instance to serialize the data.
`NumbaPickler` overrides the handling of this type so as not to spawn a
new pickler for the object when it is already being pickled by a
__slots__ = 'ctor', 'states'
def __init__(self, ctor, states):
self.ctor = ctor
self.states = states
def _reduce(self):
return _CustomPickled._rebuild, (self.ctor, self.states)
def _rebuild(cls, ctor, states):
return cls(ctor, states)
def _unpickle__CustomPickled(serialized):
"""standard unpickling for `_CustomPickled`.
Uses `NumbaPickler` to load.
ctor, states = loads(serialized)
return _CustomPickled(ctor, states)
def _pickle__CustomPickled(cp):
"""standard pickling for `_CustomPickled`.
Uses `NumbaPickler` to dump.
serialized = dumps((cp.ctor, cp.states))
return _unpickle__CustomPickled, (serialized,)
# Register custom pickling for the standard pickler.
copyreg.pickle(_CustomPickled, _pickle__CustomPickled)
def custom_reduce(cls, states):
"""For customizing object serialization in `__reduce__`.
Object states provided here are used as keyword arguments to the
`._rebuild()` class method.
states : dict
Dictionary of object states to be serialized.
result : tuple
This tuple conforms to the return type requirement for `__reduce__`.
return custom_rebuild, (_CustomPickled(cls, states),)
def custom_rebuild(custom_pickled):
"""Customized object deserialization.
This function is referenced internally by `custom_reduce()`.
cls, states = custom_pickled.ctor, custom_pickled.states
return cls._rebuild(**states)
def is_serialiable(obj):
"""Check if *obj* can be serialized.
obj : object
can_serialize : bool
with io.BytesIO() as fout:
pickler = NumbaPickler(fout)
except pickle.PicklingError:
return False
return True
def _no_pickle(obj):
raise pickle.PicklingError(f"Pickling of {type(obj)} is unsupported")
def disable_pickling(typ):
"""This is called on a type to disable pickling
# The following is needed for Py3.7
NumbaPickler.dispatch_table[typ] = _no_pickle
# Return `typ` to allow use as a decorator
return typ
class NumbaPickler(cloudpickle.CloudPickler):
disabled_types = set()
"""A set of types that pickling cannot is disabled.
def reducer_override(self, obj):
# Overridden to disable pickling of certain types
if type(obj) in self.disabled_types:
_no_pickle(obj) # noreturn
return super().reducer_override(obj)
def _custom_reduce__custompickled(cp):
return cp._reduce()
NumbaPickler.dispatch_table[_CustomPickled] = _custom_reduce__custompickled
class ReduceMixin(abc.ABC):
"""A mixin class for objects that should be reduced by the NumbaPickler instead
of the standard pickler.
# Subclass MUST override the below methods
def _reduce_states(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def _rebuild(cls, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError
# Subclass can override the below methods
def _reduce_class(self):
return self.__class__
# Private methods
def __reduce__(self):
return custom_reduce(self._reduce_class(), self._reduce_states())
class PickleCallableByPath:
"""Wrap a callable object to be pickled by path to workaround limitation
in pickling due to non-pickleable objects in function non-locals.
- Do not use this as a decorator.
- Wrapped object must be a global that exist in its parent module and it
can be imported by `from the_module import the_object`.
>>> def my_fn(x):
>>> ...
>>> wrapped_fn = PickleCallableByPath(my_fn)
>>> # refer to `wrapped_fn` instead of `my_fn`
def __init__(self, fn):
self._fn = fn
def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):
return self._fn(*args, **kwargs)
def __reduce__(self):
return type(self)._rebuild, (self._fn.__module__, self._fn.__name__,)
def _rebuild(cls, modname, fn_path):
return cls(getattr(sys.modules[modname], fn_path))