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This file provides internal compiler utilities that support certain special
operations with tuple and workarounds for limitations enforced in userland.
from numba.core import types, typing, errors
from numba.core.cgutils import alloca_once
from numba.core.extending import intrinsic
def tuple_setitem(typingctx, tup, idx, val):
"""Return a copy of the tuple with item at *idx* replaced with *val*.
Operation: ``out = tup[:idx] + (val,) + tup[idx + 1:]
- No boundchecking.
- The dtype of the tuple cannot be changed.
*val* is always cast to the existing dtype of the tuple.
def codegen(context, builder, signature, args):
tup, idx, val = args
stack = alloca_once(builder, tup.type), stack)
# Unsafe load on unchecked bounds. Poison value maybe returned.
offptr = builder.gep(stack, [idx.type(0), idx], inbounds=True), offptr)
return builder.load(stack)
sig = tup(tup, idx, tup.dtype)
return sig, codegen
def build_full_slice_tuple(tyctx, sz):
"""Creates a sz-tuple of full slices."""
if not isinstance(sz, types.IntegerLiteral):
raise errors.RequireLiteralValue(sz)
size = int(sz.literal_value)
tuple_type = types.UniTuple(dtype=types.slice2_type, count=size)
sig = tuple_type(sz)
def codegen(context, builder, signature, args):
def impl(length, empty_tuple):
out = empty_tuple
for i in range(length):
out = tuple_setitem(out, i, slice(None, None))
return out
inner_argtypes = [types.intp, tuple_type]
inner_sig = typing.signature(tuple_type, *inner_argtypes)
ll_idx_type = context.get_value_type(types.intp)
# Allocate an empty tuple
empty_tuple = context.get_constant_undef(tuple_type)
inner_args = [ll_idx_type(size), empty_tuple]
res = context.compile_internal(builder, impl, inner_sig, inner_args)
return res
return sig, codegen
def unpack_single_tuple(tyctx, tup):
"""This exists to handle the situation y = (*x,), the interpreter injects a
call to it in the case of a single value unpack. It's not possible at
interpreting time to differentiate between an unpack on a variable sized
container e.g. list and a fixed one, e.g. tuple. This function handles the
situation should it arise.
# See issue #6534
if not isinstance(tup, types.BaseTuple):
msg = (f"Only tuples are supported when unpacking a single item, "
f"got type: {tup}")
raise errors.UnsupportedError(msg)
sig = tup(tup)
def codegen(context, builder, signature, args):
return args[0] # there's only one tuple and it's a simple pass through
return sig, codegen