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from llvmlite import binding as ll
from llvmlite.llvmpy import core as lc
from numba.core.codegen import BaseCPUCodegen, CodeLibrary
from numba.core import utils
from .cudadrv import nvvm
CUDA_TRIPLE = {32: 'nvptx-nvidia-cuda',
64: 'nvptx64-nvidia-cuda'}
class CUDACodeLibrary(CodeLibrary):
# We don't optimize the IR at the function or module level because it is
# optimized by NVVM after we've passed it on.
def _optimize_functions(self, ll_module):
def _optimize_final_module(self):
def _finalize_specific(self):
# Fix global naming
for gv in self._final_module.global_variables:
if '.' in ='.', '_')
def get_asm_str(self):
# Return nothing: we can only dump assembly code when it is later
# generated (in numba.cuda.compiler).
return None
class JITCUDACodegen(BaseCPUCodegen):
This codegen implementation for CUDA actually only generates optimized LLVM
IR. Generation of PTX code is done separately (see numba.cuda.compiler).
_library_class = CUDACodeLibrary
def _init(self, llvm_module):
assert list(llvm_module.global_variables) == [], "Module isn't empty"
self._data_layout = nvvm.default_data_layout
self._target_data = ll.create_target_data(self._data_layout)
def _create_empty_module(self, name):
ir_module = lc.Module(name)
ir_module.triple = CUDA_TRIPLE[utils.MACHINE_BITS]
if self._data_layout:
ir_module.data_layout = self._data_layout
return ir_module
def _module_pass_manager(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def _function_pass_manager(self, llvm_module):
raise NotImplementedError
def _add_module(self, module):
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