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import numbers
from numba.core.errors import LoweringError
class KernelRuntimeError(RuntimeError):
def __init__(self, msg, tid=None, ctaid=None):
self.tid = tid
self.ctaid = ctaid
self.msg = msg
t = ("An exception was raised in thread=%s block=%s\n"
msg = t % (self.tid, self.ctaid, self.msg)
super(KernelRuntimeError, self).__init__(msg)
class CudaLoweringError(LoweringError):
_launch_help_url = (""
missing_launch_config_msg = """
Kernel launch configuration was not specified. Use the syntax:
kernel_function[blockspergrid, threadsperblock](arg0, arg1, ..., argn)
See {} for help.
def normalize_kernel_dimensions(griddim, blockdim):
Normalize and validate the user-supplied kernel dimensions.
def check_dim(dim, name):
if not isinstance(dim, (tuple, list)):
dim = [dim]
dim = list(dim)
if len(dim) > 3:
raise ValueError('%s must be a sequence of 1, 2 or 3 integers, '
'got %r' % (name, dim))
for v in dim:
if not isinstance(v, numbers.Integral):
raise TypeError('%s must be a sequence of integers, got %r'
% (name, dim))
while len(dim) < 3:
return tuple(dim)
if None in (griddim, blockdim):
raise ValueError(missing_launch_config_msg)
griddim = check_dim(griddim, 'griddim')
blockdim = check_dim(blockdim, 'blockdim')
return griddim, blockdim