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from functools import singledispatch
from llvmlite.llvmpy.core import Type
from numba.core import types, cgutils
from numba.core.imputils import Registry
from numba.cuda import nvvmutils
registry = Registry()
lower = registry.lower
voidptr = Type.pointer(
# NOTE: we don't use @lower here since print_item() doesn't return a LLVM value
def print_item(ty, context, builder, val):
Handle printing of a single value of the given Numba type.
A (format string, [list of arguments]) is returned that will allow
forming the final printf()-like call.
raise NotImplementedError("printing unimplemented for values of type %s"
% (ty,))
def int_print_impl(ty, context, builder, val):
if ty in types.unsigned_domain:
rawfmt = "%llu"
dsttype = types.uint64
rawfmt = "%lld"
dsttype = types.int64
lld = context.cast(builder, val, ty, dsttype)
return rawfmt, [lld]
def real_print_impl(ty, context, builder, val):
lld = context.cast(builder, val, ty, types.float64)
return "%f", [lld]
def const_print_impl(ty, context, builder, sigval):
pyval = ty.literal_value
assert isinstance(pyval, str) # Ensured by lowering
rawfmt = "%s"
val = context.insert_string_const_addrspace(builder, pyval)
return rawfmt, [val]
@lower(print, types.VarArg(types.Any))
def print_varargs(context, builder, sig, args):
"""This function is a generic 'print' wrapper for arbitrary types.
It dispatches to the appropriate 'print' implementations above
depending on the detected real types in the signature."""
vprint = nvvmutils.declare_vprint(builder.module)
formats = []
values = []
for i, (argtype, argval) in enumerate(zip(sig.args, args)):
argfmt, argvals = print_item(argtype, context, builder, argval)
rawfmt = " ".join(formats) + "\n"
fmt = context.insert_string_const_addrspace(builder, rawfmt)
array = cgutils.make_anonymous_struct(builder, values)
arrayptr = cgutils.alloca_once_value(builder, array)
vprint = nvvmutils.declare_vprint(builder.module), (fmt, builder.bitcast(arrayptr, voidptr)))
return context.get_dummy_value()
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