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import sys
import os
import re
def get_lib_dirs():
Anaconda specific
if sys.platform == 'win32':
# on windows, historically `DLLs` has been used for CUDA libraries,
# since approximately CUDA 9.2, `Library\bin` has been used.
dirnames = ['DLLs', os.path.join('Library', 'bin')]
dirnames = ['lib', ]
libdirs = [os.path.join(sys.prefix, x) for x in dirnames]
return libdirs
'linux': r'lib%(name)s\.so\.%(ver)s$',
'linux2': r'lib%(name)s\.so\.%(ver)s$',
'linux-static': r'lib%(name)s\.a$',
'darwin': r'lib%(name)s\.%(ver)s\.dylib$',
'win32': r'%(name)s%(ver)s\.dll$',
'win32-static': r'%(name)s\.lib$',
'bsd': r'lib%(name)s\.so\.%(ver)s$',
RE_VER = r'[0-9]*([_\.][0-9]+)*'
def find_lib(libname, libdir=None, platform=None, static=False):
platform = platform or sys.platform
platform = 'bsd' if 'bsd' in platform else platform
if static:
platform = f"{platform}-static"
if platform not in DLLNAMEMAP:
# Return empty list if platform name is undefined.
# Not all platforms define their static library paths.
return []
pat = DLLNAMEMAP[platform] % {"name": libname, "ver": RE_VER}
regex = re.compile(pat)
return find_file(regex, libdir)
def find_file(pat, libdir=None):
if libdir is None:
libdirs = get_lib_dirs()
elif isinstance(libdir, str):
libdirs = [libdir,]
libdirs = list(libdir)
files = []
for ldir in libdirs:
entries = os.listdir(ldir)
candidates = [os.path.join(ldir, ent)
for ent in entries if pat.match(ent)]
files.extend([c for c in candidates if os.path.isfile(c)])
return files