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This file provides internal compiler utilities that support certain special
operations with numpy.
from numba.core import types, typing
from numba.core.cgutils import unpack_tuple
from numba.core.extending import intrinsic
from numba.core.imputils import impl_ret_new_ref
from numba.core.errors import RequireLiteralValue, TypingError
from numba.cpython.unsafe.tuple import tuple_setitem
def empty_inferred(typingctx, shape):
"""A version of numpy.empty whose dtype is inferred by the type system.
Expects `shape` to be a int-tuple.
There is special logic in the type-inferencer to handle the "refine"-ing
of undefined dtype.
from import _empty_nd_impl
def codegen(context, builder, signature, args):
# check that the return type is now defined
arrty = signature.return_type
assert arrty.is_precise()
shapes = unpack_tuple(builder, args[0])
# redirect implementation to np.empty
res = _empty_nd_impl(context, builder, arrty, shapes)
return impl_ret_new_ref(context, builder, arrty, res._getvalue())
# make function signature
nd = len(shape)
array_ty = types.Array(ndim=nd, layout='C', dtype=types.undefined)
sig = array_ty(shape)
return sig, codegen
def to_fixed_tuple(typingctx, array, length):
"""Convert *array* into a tuple of *length*
Returns ``UniTuple(array.dtype, length)``
** Warning **
- No boundchecking.
If *length* is longer than *array.size*, the behavior is undefined.
if not isinstance(length, types.IntegerLiteral):
raise RequireLiteralValue('*length* argument must be a constant')
if array.ndim != 1:
raise TypingError("Not supported on array.ndim={}".format(array.ndim))
# Determine types
tuple_size = int(length.literal_value)
tuple_type = types.UniTuple(dtype=array.dtype, count=tuple_size)
sig = tuple_type(array, length)
def codegen(context, builder, signature, args):
def impl(array, length, empty_tuple):
out = empty_tuple
for i in range(length):
out = tuple_setitem(out, i, array[i])
return out
inner_argtypes = [signature.args[0], types.intp, tuple_type]
inner_sig = typing.signature(tuple_type, *inner_argtypes)
ll_idx_type = context.get_value_type(types.intp)
# Allocate an empty tuple
empty_tuple = context.get_constant_undef(tuple_type)
inner_args = [args[0], ll_idx_type(tuple_size), empty_tuple]
res = context.compile_internal(builder, impl, inner_sig, inner_args)
return res
return sig, codegen