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import math
import warnings
from numba.core.imputils import Registry
from numba.core import types
from numba.core.itanium_mangler import mangle
from .hsaimpl import _declare_function
registry = Registry()
lower = registry.lower
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
_unary_b_f = types.int32(types.float32)
_unary_b_d = types.int32(types.float64)
_unary_f_f = types.float32(types.float32)
_unary_d_d = types.float64(types.float64)
_binary_f_ff = types.float32(types.float32, types.float32)
_binary_d_dd = types.float64(types.float64, types.float64)
function_descriptors = {
'isnan': (_unary_b_f, _unary_b_d),
'isinf': (_unary_b_f, _unary_b_d),
'ceil': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'floor': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'fabs': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'sqrt': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'exp': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'expm1': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'log': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'log10': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'log1p': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'sin': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'cos': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'tan': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'asin': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'acos': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'atan': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'sinh': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'cosh': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'tanh': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'asinh': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'acosh': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'atanh': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'copysign': (_binary_f_ff, _binary_d_dd),
'atan2': (_binary_f_ff, _binary_d_dd),
'pow': (_binary_f_ff, _binary_d_dd),
'fmod': (_binary_f_ff, _binary_d_dd),
'erf': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'erfc': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'gamma': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
'lgamma': (_unary_f_f, _unary_d_d),
# unsupported functions listed in the math module documentation:
# frexp, ldexp, trunc, modf, factorial, fsum
# some functions may be named differently by the underlying math
# library as opposed to the Python name.
_lib_counterpart = {
'gamma': 'tgamma'
def _mk_fn_decl(name, decl_sig):
sym = _lib_counterpart.get(name, name)
def core(context, builder, sig, args):
fn = _declare_function(context, builder, sym, decl_sig, decl_sig.args,
res =, args)
return context.cast(builder, res, decl_sig.return_type, sig.return_type)
core.__name__ = name
return core
_supported = ['sin', 'cos', 'tan', 'asin', 'acos', 'atan', 'atan2', 'sinh',
'cosh', 'tanh', 'asinh', 'acosh', 'atanh', 'isnan', 'isinf',
'ceil', 'floor', 'fabs', 'sqrt', 'exp', 'expm1', 'log',
'log10', 'log1p', 'copysign', 'pow', 'fmod', 'erf', 'erfc',
'gamma', 'lgamma',
for name in _supported:
sigs = function_descriptors.get(name)
if sigs is None:
warnings.warn("HSA - failed to register '{0}'".format(name))
# only symbols present in the math module
key = getattr(math, name)
except AttributeError:
for sig in sigs:
fn = _mk_fn_decl(name, sig)
lower(key, *sig.args)(fn)
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