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import json
import re
import logging
def _main(argv, **kwds):
from numba.testing import run_tests
# This helper function assumes the first element of argv
# is the name of the calling program.
# The 'main' API function is invoked in-process, and thus
# will synthesize that name.
if '--log' in argv:
if '--failed-first' in argv:
# Failed first
return _FailedFirstRunner().main(argv, kwds)
elif '--last-failed' in argv:
return _FailedFirstRunner(last_failed=True).main(argv, kwds)
return run_tests(argv, defaultTest='numba.tests',
def main(*argv, **kwds):
"""keyword arguments are accepted for backward compatibility only.
See `numba.testing.run_tests()` documentation for details."""
return _main(['<main>'] + list(argv), **kwds)
class _FailedFirstRunner(object):
Test Runner to handle the failed-first (--failed-first) option.
cache_filename = '.runtests_lastfailed'
def __init__(self, last_failed=False):
self.last_failed = last_failed
def main(self, argv, kwds):
from numba.testing import run_tests
prog = argv[0]
argv = argv[1:]
flags = [a for a in argv if a.startswith('-')]
all_tests, failed_tests = self.find_last_failed(argv)
# Prepare tests to run
if failed_tests:
ft = "There were {} previously failed tests"
remaing_tests = [t for t in all_tests
if t not in failed_tests]
if self.last_failed:
tests = list(failed_tests)
tests = failed_tests + remaing_tests
if self.last_failed:
tests = []
tests = list(all_tests)
if not tests:
print("No tests to run")
return True
# Run the testsuite
print("Running {} tests".format(len(tests)))
print('Flags', flags)
result = run_tests([prog] + flags + tests, **kwds)
# Update failed tests records only if we have run the all the tests
# last failed.
if len(tests) == result.testsRun:
self.save_failed_tests(result, all_tests)
return result.wasSuccessful()
def save_failed_tests(self, result, all_tests):
print("Saving failed tests to {}".format(self.cache_filename))
cache = []
# Find failed tests
failed = set()
for case in result.errors + result.failures:
# Build cache
for t in all_tests:
if t in failed:
# Write cache
with open(self.cache_filename, 'w') as fout:
json.dump(cache, fout)
def find_last_failed(self, argv):
from import captured_output
# Find all tests
listargv = ['-l'] + [a for a in argv if not a.startswith('-')]
with captured_output("stdout") as stream:
pat = re.compile(r"^(\w+\.)+\w+$")
lines = stream.getvalue().splitlines()
all_tests = [x for x in lines if pat.match(x) is not None]
fobj = open(self.cache_filename)
except IOError:
failed_tests = []
with fobj as fin:
failed_tests = json.load(fin)
return all_tests, failed_tests
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