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from unittest import loader, case
from os.path import isdir, isfile, join, dirname, basename
class TestLoader(loader.TestLoader):
def __init__(self, topleveldir=None):
super(TestLoader, self).__init__()
self._top_level_dir = topleveldir or dirname(dirname(dirname(__file__)))
def _find_tests(self, start_dir, pattern, namespace=False):
# Upstream doesn't look for 'load_tests' in start_dir.
if isdir(start_dir) and not namespace and isfile(join(start_dir, '')):
name = self._get_name_from_path(start_dir)
package = self._get_module_from_name(name)
load_tests = getattr(package, 'load_tests', None)
tests = self.loadTestsFromModule(package)
if load_tests is not None:
yield load_tests(self, tests, pattern)
except Exception as e:
yield loader._make_failed_load_tests(package.__name__, e, self.suiteClass)
for t in super(TestLoader, self)._find_tests(start_dir, pattern):
yield t