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Python wrapper that connects CPython interpreter to the numba dictobject.
from import MutableMapping
from numba.core.types import DictType, TypeRef
from numba.core.imputils import numba_typeref_ctor
from numba import njit, typeof
from numba.core import types, errors, config, cgutils
from numba.core.extending import (
from numba.typed import dictobject
from numba.core.typing import signature
def _make_dict(keyty, valty):
return dictobject._as_meminfo(dictobject.new_dict(keyty, valty))
def _length(d):
return len(d)
def _setitem(d, key, value):
d[key] = value
def _getitem(d, key):
return d[key]
def _delitem(d, key):
del d[key]
def _contains(d, key):
return key in d
def _get(d, key, default):
return d.get(key, default)
def _setdefault(d, key, default):
return d.setdefault(key, default)
def _iter(d):
return list(d.keys())
def _popitem(d):
return d.popitem()
def _copy(d):
return d.copy()
def _from_meminfo_ptr(ptr, dicttype):
d = Dict(meminfo=ptr, dcttype=dicttype)
return d
class Dict(MutableMapping):
"""A typed-dictionary usable in Numba compiled functions.
Implements the MutableMapping interface.
def __new__(cls, dcttype=None, meminfo=None):
if config.DISABLE_JIT:
return dict.__new__(dict)
return object.__new__(cls)
def empty(cls, key_type, value_type):
"""Create a new empty Dict with *key_type* and *value_type*
as the types for the keys and values of the dictionary respectively.
if config.DISABLE_JIT:
return dict()
return cls(dcttype=DictType(key_type, value_type))
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
For users, the constructor does not take any parameters.
The keyword arguments are for internal use only.
dcttype : numba.core.types.DictType; keyword-only
Used internally for the dictionary type.
meminfo : MemInfo; keyword-only
Used internally to pass the MemInfo object when boxing.
if kwargs:
self._dict_type, self._opaque = self._parse_arg(**kwargs)
self._dict_type = None
def _parse_arg(self, dcttype, meminfo=None):
if not isinstance(dcttype, DictType):
raise TypeError('*dcttype* must be a DictType')
if meminfo is not None:
opaque = meminfo
opaque = _make_dict(dcttype.key_type, dcttype.value_type)
return dcttype, opaque
def _numba_type_(self):
if self._dict_type is None:
raise TypeError("invalid operation on untyped dictionary")
return self._dict_type
def _typed(self):
"""Returns True if the dictionary is typed.
return self._dict_type is not None
def _initialise_dict(self, key, value):
dcttype = types.DictType(typeof(key), typeof(value))
self._dict_type, self._opaque = self._parse_arg(dcttype)
def __getitem__(self, key):
if not self._typed:
raise KeyError(key)
return _getitem(self, key)
def __setitem__(self, key, value):
if not self._typed:
self._initialise_dict(key, value)
return _setitem(self, key, value)
def __delitem__(self, key):
if not self._typed:
raise KeyError(key)
_delitem(self, key)
def __iter__(self):
if not self._typed:
return iter(())
return iter(_iter(self))
def __len__(self):
if not self._typed:
return 0
return _length(self)
def __contains__(self, key):
if len(self) == 0:
return False
return _contains(self, key)
def __str__(self):
buf = []
for k, v in self.items():
buf.append("{}: {}".format(k, v))
return '{{{0}}}'.format(', '.join(buf))
def __repr__(self):
body = str(self)
prefix = str(self._dict_type)
return "{prefix}({body})".format(prefix=prefix, body=body)
def get(self, key, default=None):
if not self._typed:
return default
return _get(self, key, default)
def setdefault(self, key, default=None):
if not self._typed:
if default is not None:
self._initialise_dict(key, default)
return _setdefault(self, key, default)
def popitem(self):
if len(self) == 0:
raise KeyError('dictionary is empty')
return _popitem(self)
def copy(self):
return _copy(self)
# XXX: should we have a better way to classmethod
@overload_method(TypeRef, 'empty')
def typeddict_empty(cls, key_type, value_type):
if cls.instance_type is not DictType:
def impl(cls, key_type, value_type):
return dictobject.new_dict(key_type, value_type)
return impl
def box_dicttype(typ, val, c):
context = c.context
builder = c.builder
# XXX deduplicate
ctor = cgutils.create_struct_proxy(typ)
dstruct = ctor(context, builder, value=val)
# Returns the plain MemInfo
boxed_meminfo =
modname = c.context.insert_const_string(
c.builder.module, 'numba.typed.typeddict',
typeddict_mod = c.pyapi.import_module_noblock(modname)
fmp_fn = c.pyapi.object_getattr_string(typeddict_mod, '_from_meminfo_ptr')
dicttype_obj = c.pyapi.unserialize(c.pyapi.serialize_object(typ))
result_var = builder.alloca(c.pyapi.pyobj), result_var)
with builder.if_then(cgutils.is_not_null(builder, dicttype_obj)):
res = c.pyapi.call_function_objargs(
fmp_fn, (boxed_meminfo, dicttype_obj),
c.pyapi.decref(boxed_meminfo), result_var)
return builder.load(result_var)
def unbox_dicttype(typ, val, c):
context = c.context
miptr = c.pyapi.object_getattr_string(val, '_opaque')
mip_type = types.MemInfoPointer(types.voidptr)
native = c.unbox(mip_type, miptr)
mi = native.value
argtypes = mip_type, typeof(typ)
def convert(mi, typ):
return dictobject._from_meminfo(mi, typ)
sig = signature(typ, *argtypes)
nil_typeref = context.get_constant_null(argtypes[1])
args = (mi, nil_typeref)
is_error, dctobj = c.pyapi.call_jit_code(convert , sig, args)
# decref here because we are stealing a reference.
c.context.nrt.decref(c.builder, typ, dctobj)
return NativeValue(dctobj, is_error=is_error)
def typeddict_call(context):
Defines typing logic for ``Dict()``.
Produces Dict[undefined, undefined]
def typer():
return types.DictType(types.undefined, types.undefined)
return typer
def impl_numba_typeref_ctor(cls):
Defines ``Dict()``, the type-inferred version of the dictionary ctor.
cls : TypeRef
Expecting a TypeRef of a precise DictType.
See also: `redirect_type_ctor` in numba/cpython/
dict_ty = cls.instance_type
if not isinstance(dict_ty, types.DictType):
msg = "expecting a DictType but got {}".format(dict_ty)
return # reject
# Ensure the dictionary is precisely typed.
if not dict_ty.is_precise():
msg = "expecting a precise DictType but got {}".format(dict_ty)
raise errors.LoweringError(msg)
key_type = types.TypeRef(dict_ty.key_type)
value_type = types.TypeRef(dict_ty.value_type)
def impl(cls):
# Simply call .empty() with the key/value types from *cls*
return Dict.empty(key_type, value_type)
return impl
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