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""" Common compiler level utilities for typed dict and list. """
import operator
import warnings
from llvmlite import ir
from llvmlite.llvmpy.core import Builder
from numba.core import types, cgutils
from numba.core import typing
from numba.core.registry import cpu_target
from numba.core.typeconv import Conversion
from numba.core.extending import intrinsic
from numba.core.errors import TypingError, NumbaTypeSafetyWarning
def _as_bytes(builder, ptr):
"""Helper to do (void*)ptr
return builder.bitcast(ptr, cgutils.voidptr_t)
def _cast(typingctx, val, typ):
"""Cast *val* to *typ*
def codegen(context, builder, signature, args):
[val, typ] = args
context.nrt.incref(builder, signature.return_type, val)
return val
# Using implicit casting in argument types
casted = typ.instance_type
_sentry_safe_cast(val, casted)
sig = casted(casted, typ)
return sig, codegen
def _sentry_safe_cast(fromty, toty):
"""Check and raise TypingError if *fromty* cannot be safely cast to *toty*
tyctxt = cpu_target.typing_context
fromty, toty = map(types.unliteral, (fromty, toty))
by = tyctxt.can_convert(fromty, toty)
def warn():
m = 'unsafe cast from {} to {}. Precision may be lost.'
warnings.warn(m.format(fromty, toty),
isint = lambda x: isinstance(x, types.Integer)
isflt = lambda x: isinstance(x, types.Float)
iscmplx = lambda x: isinstance(x, types.Complex)
isdict = lambda x: isinstance(x, types.DictType)
# Only check against numeric types.
if by is None or by >
if isint(fromty) and isint(toty):
# Accept if both types are ints
elif isint(fromty) and isflt(toty):
# Accept if ints to floats
elif isflt(fromty) and isflt(toty):
# Accept if floats to floats
elif iscmplx(fromty) and iscmplx(toty):
# Accept if complex to complex
elif isdict(fromty) and isdict(toty):
pass # it's complaining about initial values being different
elif not isinstance(toty, types.Number):
# Non-numbers
# Make it a hard error for numeric type that changes domain.
m = 'cannot safely cast {} to {}. Please cast explicitly.'
raise TypingError(m.format(fromty, toty))
def _sentry_safe_cast_default(default, valty):
"""Similar to _sentry_safe_cast but handle default value.
# Handle default values
# TODO: simplify default values; too many possible way to spell None
if default is None:
if isinstance(default, (types.Omitted, types.NoneType)):
return _sentry_safe_cast(default, valty)
def _nonoptional(typingctx, val):
"""Typing trick to cast Optional[T] to T
if not isinstance(val, types.Optional):
raise TypeError('expected an optional')
def codegen(context, builder, sig, args):
context.nrt.incref(builder, sig.return_type, args[0])
return args[0]
casted = val.type
sig = casted(casted)
return sig, codegen
def _container_get_data(context, builder, container_ty, c):
"""Helper to get the C list pointer in a numba containers.
ctor = cgutils.create_struct_proxy(container_ty)
conatainer_struct = ctor(context, builder, value=c)
def _container_get_meminfo(context, builder, container_ty, c):
"""Helper to get the meminfo for a container
ctor = cgutils.create_struct_proxy(container_ty)
conatainer_struct = ctor(context, builder, value=c)
return conatainer_struct.meminfo
def _get_incref_decref(context, module, datamodel, container_element_type):
assert datamodel.contains_nrt_meminfo()
fe_type = datamodel.fe_type
data_ptr_ty = datamodel.get_data_type().as_pointer()
refct_fnty = ir.FunctionType(ir.VoidType(), [data_ptr_ty])
incref_fn = cgutils.get_or_insert_function(
module, refct_fnty, '.numba_{}.{}_incref'.format(
context.fndesc.mangled_name, container_element_type),)
builder = ir.IRBuilder(incref_fn.append_basic_block())
builder, fe_type,
datamodel.load_from_data_pointer(builder, incref_fn.args[0]),
decref_fn = cgutils.get_or_insert_function(
module, refct_fnty, name='.numba_{}.{}_decref'.format(
context.fndesc.mangled_name, container_element_type),)
builder = ir.IRBuilder(decref_fn.append_basic_block())
builder, fe_type,
datamodel.load_from_data_pointer(builder, decref_fn.args[0]),
return incref_fn, decref_fn
def _get_equal(context, module, datamodel, container_element_type):
assert datamodel.contains_nrt_meminfo()
fe_type = datamodel.fe_type
data_ptr_ty = datamodel.get_data_type().as_pointer()
wrapfnty = context.call_conv.get_function_type(types.int32,
[fe_type, fe_type])
argtypes = [fe_type, fe_type]
def build_wrapper(fn):
builder = Builder(fn.append_basic_block())
args = context.call_conv.decode_arguments(builder, argtypes, fn)
sig = typing.signature(types.boolean, fe_type, fe_type)
op = operator.eq
fnop = context.typing_context.resolve_value_type(op)
fnop.get_call_type(context.typing_context, sig.args, {})
eqfn = context.get_function(fnop, sig)
res = eqfn(builder, args)
intres = context.cast(builder, res, types.boolean, types.int32)
context.call_conv.return_value(builder, intres)
wrapfn = cgutils.get_or_insert_function(
module, wrapfnty, name='.numba_{}.{}_equal.wrap'.format(
context.fndesc.mangled_name, container_element_type))
equal_fnty = ir.FunctionType(ir.IntType(32), [data_ptr_ty, data_ptr_ty])
equal_fn = cgutils.get_or_insert_function(
module, equal_fnty, name='.numba_{}.{}_equal'.format(
context.fndesc.mangled_name, container_element_type),)
builder = Builder(equal_fn.append_basic_block())
lhs = datamodel.load_from_data_pointer(builder, equal_fn.args[0])
rhs = datamodel.load_from_data_pointer(builder, equal_fn.args[1])
status, retval = context.call_conv.call_function(
builder, wrapfn, types.boolean, argtypes, [lhs, rhs],
with builder.if_then(status.is_ok, likely=True):
with builder.if_then(status.is_none):
builder.ret(context.get_constant(types.int32, 0))
retval = context.cast(builder, retval, types.boolean, types.int32)
# Error out
builder.ret(context.get_constant(types.int32, -1))
return equal_fn