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Constructors of extension types need consistent signature and arity in subclasses #186

markflorisson opened this Issue Apr 5, 2013 · 1 comment

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See also!topic/numba-users/8M3Y_-MP8rk

class CJIT( object ):
    """ Basic class for all components that are part of the structure. """
    @void(double, double)
    def __init__(self, mi, ml):
        # Unit limits
        self.maxInput          = mi     # Maximal input energy
        self.maxLoad           = ml     # Maximal stored energy 

class Intermediate(CJIT):
    def __init__(self, ml):
        CJIT.__init__(self, 1.0, ml)

Thanks to Frank Sehnke.

sklam commented Aug 26, 2014

Need to revisit as we are redoing the JIT classes.

(Notify @seibert)

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