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sort script files before compiling scripts.js

This way, stuff should appear in scripts.js the same each time it's compiled, instead of the random order you got before.
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1 parent 9dbfcdc commit 5b39669fa030d84010da99df8eb8125ed6781e00 @christianp christianp committed Nov 10, 2016
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@@ -271,9 +271,12 @@ def to_relative_url(path):
for dst,src in javascripts:
del files[dst]
+ javascripts.sort(key=lambda x:x[0])
javascripts = [src for dst,src in javascripts]
numbas_loader_path = os.path.join(options.path,'runtime','scripts','numbas.js')
javascripts = '\n'.join(open(src,encoding='utf-8').read() if isinstance(src,basestring) else for src in javascripts)
files[os.path.join('.','scripts.js')] = io.StringIO(javascripts)

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