Permutation groups extension for Numbas
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Permutation groups extension for Numbas

This extension adds a new data type to the Numbas JME system, representing elements of permutation groups (really, just S_infinity, but you can pretend you're working in an S_n).

Permutations are stored as bijections on the natural numbers.

JME data type

This extension adds a new JME data type, Numbas.jme.types.permutation, representing a permutation.

JME Functions

permutation(map) or perm(map)

Create a permutation. map is a list of numbers. map[i] is the image of i under the permutation.

permutation(str) or perm(str)

Create a permutation. str is a permutation in disjoint cycle notation (e.g. "(1,2)(3,4,5)")

compose(p1,p2) or p1*p2

Compose permutations. The action is on the left - (p1*p2)[x] = p1[p2[x]].


Apply permutation p to the number x.


Returns the inverse of permutation p.


Is p an even permutation (can it be written as a product of an even number of transpositions?)


Order of p.


Calculate all of p's cycles. Returns a list of lists of numbers.


Calculate all of p's cycles of length greater than 1.


Render p as a TeX string (just substituting p into a TeX expression will also work, but you can use this if you want to manipulate the TeX string somehow)


Render p in two-line form (numbers 1..n on top row, their images on the bottom) as a TeX string


Render p as a product of transpositions, in TeX.


Are p1 and p2 the same permutation? True if p1*inverse(p2) maps n to n for all n.