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New Features/Adjustments:

  • A single LaTeX template for bbob, independent of how many algorithms are compared.
  • Updated links in documentation due to shutdown of Inria GForge server.

Bug Fixes:

  • Using a new location of the data archive related to shutdown of Inria GForge server
  • python example_experiment2 now works with bbob-mixint
  • #1702 (cocoex module now has __version__)
  • further fixes: #1990, #2023, #2020, #2026, #2029, and #2036

Additional Changes:

  • further clean-up of LaTeX code
  • coco_url is not fixed anymore in cocopp module
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New Features/Adjustments:

  • Installing of postprocessing via pip install cocopp possible (cocopp is finally on PyPI)
  • Default figure size significantly reduced; ACM-compliant figures still possible through new --include-fonts option
  • Added continuous integration tests in Python 3.7
  • Dropped Python 2 support (#1956)
  • Made so-called orange color less yellow in all figures
  • Submission of datasets possible through new issue templates
  • Naming of datasets more consistent (#1862)

Bug Fixes:

  • Changed long-time deprecated and now non-supported time.clock() into time.process_time() (#1950)
  • Corrected axes and ticks labels in scatter plot (addressing issues #1934, #1837, and #1824)
  • Reading in info-files with chars like é does not raise an error anymore.
  • problems with numpy's multithreading solved (#1919)
  • matplotlib 3.3.2 warning silenced (thanks @MLopez-Ibanez)
  • bug fix 4ceb72a simulated restart sample number

Additional Changes:

  • Refactoring of,, and to reduce code duplication and to improve documentation (see #39 and #1595)
  • _data_folder attribute is now always without trailing path separator
  • Addressed/Reduced several warnings, for example #1958
  • New test (two calls of cocopp.main without quitting Python in between, #1965)
  • reverted aRT to ERT also in LaTeX templates
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Minor release to solve bugs #1939 and #1550, related to the runtime ratio plots when comparing two algorithms.

Other Adjustments:

  • replaced aRT with ERT (#1935)
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Minor release with a few bugfixes.

New Features/Adjustments:

  • adjustments according to new Matplotlib version
  • bbob-largescale and bbob data are now compatible
  • improved archiving

Bug Fixes::

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Release for final papers of BBOB-2019 workshop.

New Features:

  • Data sets from both the bbob-biobj and bbob-biobj-ext can be compared.
  • Support for Java 10+ (#1741); many thanks to @pszynk
  • no simulated restarts anymore for multiobjective suites due to too high differences among instances

Bug Fixes::

  • Corrected widths of ECDF plots in pdf output for bbob-biobj and bbob-biobj-ext suites
  • broken link on webpage (#1874)
  • added the missing cocoProblemGetLargestFValuesOfInterest.m file in Matlab wrapper
  • finding '.t' in filename to extract resulted in problems when username had exactly this substring
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New Features

  • support of discrete variables
  • new bbob-largescale test suite with 24 functions in dimensions 20 to 640
  • new bbob-mixint test suite, a discretized version of the bbob test suite
  • new bbob-biobj-mixint test suite, a discretized version of the bbob-biobj-ext test suite
  • the order of input arguments to cocopp.main is preserved as the order in which algorithms are displayed and in particular the order in which the colors are chosen.
  • improved COCODataArchive
  • revised

Solved Bugs

  • bug in SMS-EMOA example (issue #1853)


  • adjustments to support matplotlib 3.0.0
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New Features

  • more prominent and improved documentation of how to use the archived data
  • BBOB-2018 data added to archived data
  • improved ECDF graphs (increased readability of labels & use of space, shortened x-axis, lighter cross markers)
  • cocopp.load can load archived and mixed data
  • cocopp.main opens webbrowser automatically when post-processing is finished
  • added bbob-new2 data format description (mainly for yet unsupported constrained problems)

Bug Fixes

  • bug-fix when calling python -m cocopp.test
  • fixed distribution of initial solution for restarts in
  • displayed number of instances not depending on reference algorithm anymore (#1792)
  • bug-fix in when calling CMA-ES


  • replaced cmocka with minunit
  • file-flush in logger now at the right place and for all files
  • changes in (yet unsupported) bbob-constrained test suite
  • more parameters in runlength-based setting accessible through (#1284)
  • dataformatsetting removed from testbedsetting
  • regression test files are automatically downloaded and not in the repository anymore
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Bug fixes

  • Labels in ECDF plots not connected with graph (#1724)
  • UserWarning in postprocessing due to wrong setting of instancesOfInterest for bbob suite
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Official release to do experiments for the BBOB-2018 workshop.

New features

  • automated download of algorithm data sets via cocopp.data_archive (#1533)
  • updated convergence plots (#1113)
  • LaTeX tables are reorganized to have better control within LaTeX (#1376)
  • Noisy LaTeX template transferred from svn repository to github and updated (#1171)
  • improved string in python wrapper
  • cocopp modules offers a set_seed
  • postprocessing cocopp module now python 3 compatible
  • all figures (and their inclusion to the LaTeX templates) have been updated and beautified in order to comply with the newest matplotlib version
  • zip files are supported as input files (#35)
  • improved handling of input parameters to suite (#863)
  • postprocessing results for more than one algorithm are now also written to a subfolder

Interface Changes

  • The reference worst f-values-of-interest are exposed to the (multiobjective) solver (#1120)
  • The name cocoex.Problem.list_of_observers has changed to cocoex.Problem.observers
  • Sole entry points to the postprocessing are main and rungeneric.main. Got rid of and removed
  • cocopp.main now returns a DataSetList
  • Algorithms can now be displayed in the background (#1370)
  • COCO problems have now the is_observed property (#1388)
  • COCO observer allows to query the output folder where it wrote the results (#1425)
  • Extracted data is now written to .extracted_... folders instead of _extracted_... to allow using glob.glob(*) as inputs even when data is already extracted.
  • The former --omit-single functionality became now the default. To use old functionality, use the new --include-single switch.
  • Simplified available
  • New non-anytime example experiment in python to benchmark budget-dependent algorithms
  • Single-objective experiments now log also the number of constraint evaluations

Important bug fixes

  • error with (#315)
  • warnings due to unclosed files
  • corrected wrong statements in some captions with respect to Bonferroni correction
  • corrected best parameter update in some of the transformations (#1695)
  • corrected erroneous markers in one algorithm ECDF (#1670)


  • removed several compiler warnings (#1350)
  • reorganization of postprocessing's output files
  • cleanup of postprocessing: removing old, unused files
  • made max path long enough to actually hold a path of maximal length
  • continuous integration testing expaned to CircleCI and AppVeyor
  • minor cleanup of
  • small format adjustment in tables (#1689)
  • updated doctests in postprocessing to fit a change in numpy (#1703)
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Fixes a few important bugs, in particular with respect to incompatibility with the latest matplotlib versions.