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Welcome to the Numbers Protocol wiki!

This Wiki is mainly for providing the information and instructions for the Numbers community. If you are looking for more details such as the Overview of Numbers Protocol or the Technical documents, please visit our GitBook site

Community Principles

We're All About Openness and Honesty: At Numbers Protocol, we're a community that values being open and straight-up. We believe in saying things as they are, sharing the right information, and admitting when we're wrong. Dishonesty has no place here. Instead, we aim to build a space where everyone feels they can trust each other.

Respect and Fair Play Are Key: Our community is made up of a bunch of different folks, and we believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect. This means making sure everyone feels safe and listened to, and there's no room for discrimination or bullying. And when it comes to playing fair, we stand by it. So, no throwing around accusations without solid proof. If there's a problem or disagreement, let's deal with it calmly, respectfully, and based on the facts.

We're Team Players: Just like in any good team, we believe in working together and helping each other out. Our community is strongest when we use our unique talents and ideas to achieve our shared goals. This includes sharing what we know, pooling our resources, and making choices that benefit everyone. Together, we can do more, solve problems better, and foster a real sense of unity and common purpose.