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Tammy Yang edited this page Nov 17, 2021 · 13 revisions

Welcome to the Numbers Protocol wiki!

There are several main sections you will see in this Wiki:

  • Overview:

    • Description: A collection of official blog posts.
    • Target audience: Community members who are new to Numbers and want to learn more about us.
    • What you can expect: Articles to explain what's the vision of Numbers, problems we care about, use cases and the basic introduction of products.
    • Ideal for: If you are new to Numbers and do not have a technical background.
  • Principles & Standards:

    • Description: Policy and the standards followed in Numbers Protocol.
    • Target audience: Everyone.
    • What you can expect: Overview of policies and the standards followed by Numbers Protocol.
    • Ideal for: Everyone.
  • Product Design:

    • Description: Protocol and product design with architecture.
    • Target audience: Community members who are eager to learn more details about Numbers Protocol and its products.
    • What you can expect: Architecture charts and design concepts.
    • Ideal for: If you are familiar with Numbers and want to know deeper.
  • Tech Articles:

    • Description: A collection of tech articles.
    • Target audience: Developers who are interested in learning the overview of the technologies we use.
    • What you can expect: High-level articles to share technologies we used in the project.
    • Ideal for: If you are new to the technologies used in the Numbers Protocol and what to have a quick recap.
  • Developers:

    • Description: Developer guides.
    • Target audience: Developers who believe in the authentic-media future and want to contribute.
    • What you can expect: READMEs and developer guides.
    • Ideal for: Developers who hate bullshits and just want to know how to do it.
  • NUM Token:

    • Description: Details of NUM tokens including the specification and tokenomics.
    • Target audience: Network users who hold or plan to hold NUM tokens.
    • What you can expect: Learn more about NUM tokens.
    • Ideal for: People who have questions about NUM tokens.
  • Governance & Community Review

    • Description: Policy, rules of community review and status of articles under review
    • Target audience: NUM token holders who want to participate the governance and build policy of the network together
    • What you can expect: Find how to participate the governance of Numbers Protocol and provide feedback in the community review.
    • Ideal for: People who want to build the network together with us.