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Welcome to the Numbers Protocol wiki!

Numbers Protocol is a decentralized photo network that combines the latest in web3.0 and content provenance technology to address core issues in the digital media space; namely ownership, copyright, provenance, ecosystem and accessibility. The foundation of our network is our Capture, Seal, Trace protocol which turns ordinary raw images into "Captures", multilayered information containers with embedded context, creator, owner and sealed blockchain record.

In Numbers, we believe everyone is a single number. A single number may mean nothing by itself, but together we become powerful and can make changes.

There are several main sections you will see in this Wiki:

  • Overview:

    • Description: A collection of official blog posts.
    • Target audience: Community members who are new to Numbers and want to learn more about us.
    • What you can expect: Articles to explain what's the vision of Numbers, problems we care about, use cases and the basic introduction of products.
    • Ideal for: If you are new to Numbers and do not have a technical background.
  • Principles & Standards:

    • Description: Policy and the standards followed in Numbers Protocol.
    • Target audience: Everyone.
    • What you can expect: Overview of policies and the standards followed by Numbers Protocol.
    • Ideal for: Everyone.
  • Product Design:

    • Description: Protocol and product design with architecture.
    • Target audience: Community members who are eager to learn more details about Numbers Protocol and its products.
    • What you can expect: Architecture charts and design concepts.
    • Ideal for: If you are familiar with Numbers and want to know deeper.
  • Tech Articles:

    • Description: A collection of tech articles.
    • Target audience: Developers who are interested in learning the overview of the technologies we use.
    • What you can expect: High-level articles to share technologies we used in the project.
    • Ideal for: If you are new to the technologies used in the Numbers Protocol and what to have a quick recap.
  • Developers:

    • Description: Developer guides.
    • Target audience: Developers who believe in the authentic-media future and want to contribute.
    • What you can expect: READMEs and developer guides.
    • Ideal for: Developers who hate bullshits and just want to know how to do it.
  • NUM Token:

    • Description: Details of NUM tokens including the specification and tokenomics.
    • Target audience: Network users who hold or plan to hold NUM tokens.
    • What you can expect: Learn more about NUM tokens.
    • Ideal for: People who have questions about NUM tokens.
  • Governance & Community Review

    • Description: Policy, rules of community review and status of articles under review
    • Target audience: NUM token holders who want to participate the governance and build policy of the network together
    • What you can expect: Find how to participate the governance of Numbers Protocol and provide feedback in the community review.
    • Ideal for: People who want to build the network together with us.