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10. Project Roadmap

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This roadmap is updated on a quarterly basis. The team does our best to follow the schedule, but please understand that we are also responsive to keep the development flexible.


Major Quarterly Goals

For easier tracking milestone delivered in 2022, please visit this spreadsheet


Expected Schedule Description Status
Nov 2021 Alpha launch of NFT Search Engine Done
Support $NUM on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks Done
Token generation event & listing Done
Create community report wiki Done
Community Review for $NUM token rewards and utilities Done
Community Discussion for Fair Use Open For Discussion
Listing on CMC, Coingecko and DAO Data Done
Open Pancakeswap $NUM liquidity farming Done
Support 10K+ contracts in NFT Search Engine Done
Extend $NUM support to ThunderCore network Done
Open Uniswap $NUM liquidity farming Done
Dec 2021 Support 10M+ NFT records in NFT Search Engine Done
$NUM integration in Capture App Done
First $NUM network action in Capture App Done
Ecosystem adoption: first announcement for NFT marketplace collaboration Done
The official release of photo NFT feature in Capture App Done
First Staking Program on KuCoin Done
Beta launch of NFT Search Engine Done
Support top 5 NFT marketplaces in NFT Search Engine Done
Update Trace API to support C2PA 0.7 spec Done
Developer bounty program phase I Done
Web 3.0 login for CaptureClub Done
Expand local ecosystem part I (Korean market) Done
Partner with GREEN NFT blockchain (*) Done
Capture App update: Send Capture as gifts Done
Photographer Bounty phase I Done
Alpha release of GoPro feature (*) Done (Alpha tester only)
Ecosystem adoption: APAC news media Done
ISO27001 annual renew Done
CAPTCH-A design update Done (distribution in 2022)
Community Review for Governance meetings Done
Capture To Earn, archive 2021 campaign Done
CaptureClub update: Buy Capture with $NUM Pushed to JAN 2022
Token contract auditing update Pushed to JAN 2022