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6. NUM Token

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  • Whitepaper

  • Information

  • Maximum supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Circulating supply (updated 23 Nov 2021): 42,347,745

  • Total supply: 42,382,500

  • Market Cap

  • Exchanges

  • Token allocation (chart)

    For the detailed description and vesting of every lot, please see Litepaper.

  • Token allocation (table)

    Lot Percentage to Total Supply Tokens
    Private Sale 17.51% 175,125,000
    Public Sale 3.19% 31,875,000
    Pre-Listing Partners and Consultants 1.50% 15,000,000
    Liquidity 10.00% 100,000,000
    User Reward and Staking 27.00% 270,000,000
    Ecosystem 22.80% 228,000,000
    Marketing 0.50% 5,000,000
    Team and Advisors 17.50% 175,000,000

    For the detailed description and vesting of every lot, please see Litepaper.

  • Token unlock schedule

    This chart was created based on the schedule that Network Launch should happen 6 months after the token generation event (TGE).

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol is a decentralized photo network that combines the latest in web3.0 and content provenance technology to address core issues in the digital media space; namely ownership, copyright, provenance, ecosystem and accessibility. The foundation of our network is our Capture, Seal, Trace protocol which turns ordinary raw images into "Captures", multilayered information containers with embedded context, creator, owner and sealed block chain record.

In Numbers, we believe everyone is a single number. A single number may mean nothing by itself, but together we become powerful and can make changes.

NUM Tokens

NUM is the native protocol token for the Numbers Protocol Decentralized Photo Network. As a utility token, NUM holders can utilize the token to pay for services within the network. These services, which we refer to as Network Actions, include asset registration, listing onto network marketplaces, and storage onto more robust forms of decentralized storage. As the Numbers ecosystem develops, the number of Network Actions will increase and stretch into other areas such as social media, news, gaming and entertainment.

As a community driven photo network, Numbers Protocol will also leverage NUM rewards to incentivize adoption and contributions to the network. This is done in 4 ways: Staking, Integrity Reward, Verification Reward, and Governance.

  1. Staking : NUM holders can lock-up or "stake" NUM for a fixed amount of time. In return stakers will be rewarded with staking rewards.

  2. Integrity Reward : Participants can help populate the Numbers network by creating digital assets (Captures) with high integrity (digital signature, context, integrity record). This can be achieved with Capture APP, the primary tool of the Numbers Protocol network. Those who register assets will be rewarded Integrity rewards.

  3. Verification Reward : Participants can assist with the verification of digital assets in the Numbers network by participating in Verification Events. Verification build digital asset trustworthiness and builds individual trust reputation. Those who assist with verification and verify seriously will be rewarded Verification rewards.

  4. Governance : NUM holders who stake their NUM for a period of time prior to community votes can participate in governance vote and help drive the future direction of the Numbers Protocol network.

To see more details please read: NUM Token Utility & Rewards

Distribution Updates

After NUM went live, Numbers team will keep sharing how the supply of NUM tokens is allocated.


Token Contracts

Token Bridges

Active bridges between networks are listed below. As we believe different blockchains have their own pros and cons; holders should not be limited by the blockchain network. Therefore, the team does our best efforts to evaluate the technologies and make sure NUM tokens can be ported between different networks. Please subscribe to the official announcement Telegram group for receiving the news of supporting new blockchains.

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