Comprehensive LED effects library for spacy animations. Definitely Continous Light Integration Platform as a Service (CLIPaaS).
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JigglyLights is an LED animation library for the WS2812b LED strip (and strips of similar kind), executed through an Arduino controller. It is based on the FastLED Arduino library.


  • Clone the repo to a location of choice
    git clone

  • Include the repo as a Library through the Arduino IDE
    'Sketch > Import Library... > Add Library...'

  • Add #include <JigglyLights.h> to your .ino file

  • Clone and include the FastLED library.

  • Add your LED strip in the setup() - function (like this)

Basic usage

JigglyLights jiggly;
jiggly.runner(leds, NUM_LEDS, CRGB::Red, 1000);

See JigglyLights.h for animations and their specific usage.


#include <FastLED.h>
#include <JigglyLights.h>

/* The GPIO PIN you've attached the LED strip to. */
#define PIN 6

/* Number of LEDs of your strip. */
#define NUM_LEDS 31

/* LED array to individually address LEDs. */
/* Jiggly instance to call the functions from. */
JigglyLights jiggly;

void setup() {
  /* See FastLED repo for details. */
  FastLED.addLeds<NEOPIXEL, PIN>(leds, NUM_LEDS);

void loop() {

  /* Call JigglyLights animations through an instance like this. */
  jiggly.runner(leds, NUM_LEDS, CRGB::Red, 1000);

  /* See JigglyLights.h for animation documentation. */

You can find this example directly as an .ino file in this repo: jiggly-example.ino.

Third party library used

JigglyLights depends on the incredible FastLED library.