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UMONS Institute for Creative Technologies

numediart orga­nizes sci­en­tific train­ing and research activ­i­ties in the area of creative technology.

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  1. MotionMachine is a C++ software toolkit for fast prototyping of interaction based on motion feature extraction. It brings mocap-friendly data structures and intuitive visualisation together.

    C++ 49 14

  2. Robust and automatic MoCap data recovery (Matlab code).

    MATLAB 14 1

  3. The Emotional Voices Database: Towards Controlling the Emotional Expressiveness in Voice Generation Systems

    Python 86 7

  4. MBROLA is a speech synthesizer based on the concatenation of diphones

    C 72 24

  5. A bunch of scripts to follow wireless headphones in 3D space (based on HTC Vive trackers) and compute spacialized sound on Unity

    C# 1

  6. Android application to generate reviews and send them to the ReviewManager server



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