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NuPIC Logo awesomeness


This is the landing page for demos, and example code written for is the official Java port of the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC). It is totally community driven (by people like yourself), and thrives due to the efforts of those willing to donate their free time to supporting what they feel is an important technology.

Demo files and example programs can be downloaded from their respective directories here, for now they are not on a maven central repo as is

You can come have a chat with everybody here: Gitter

Or for more detailed questions about specifically, come chat with us here: Gitter

For a more detailed discussion of see:

NOTE: Minimum JavaSE version is 1.8

Originally these examples resided in the repository and were transitioned to this location because they were making the core project a bit unwieldy as they grew in size. So we created a new repository so that could be leaner, meaner and easier to include in your projects.

In this repository you will find everything from example code snippets to full fledged demos with complex Graphical User Interfaces. Here's a list of the code that can be found here as of this writing: