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NuPIC Logo Cortical.io Logo

Example Demos

(Illustrating the integration of HTM.java & Cortical.io)

This directory is the collecting place for programs which demonstrate the use of Cortical.io's Java API together with HTM.java (NuPIC on Java).

This just in! (11/08/2015) - See a video of the demos in action!

Usage instructions are located in directories pointed to by the links (demo titles) below.

  1. Fox Eats Demo - Java version of Subutai Ahmad's 2013 Fall Hackathon project which integrates Cortical.io's API to determine semantic similarity between the diet of animals. (Executable Jar)

  2. Breaking News Demo - Java version of the Cortical.io team's 2015 Spring Hackathon project demonstrating Trend Analysis and Tracking of tweets from Twitter. (Executable Jar)

Get a FREE Cortical.io API KEY

NOTE: To Use the Cortical.io API in your own projects you must use their API, the above demos do not include the API necessary for project usage.

Go HERE to get the Cortical.io API