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This is the umbrella project for all of the components that make up the Numenta product-line.

This project is in Maintenance Mode

We have no plans to further develop this codebase or release new versions of applications contained within this repository.


All python packages include a setuptools-compatible with which the package may be installed. For example, to install in developer mode (recommended), you may run the following commands:

pushd <project>
python develop --install-dir=<site-packages in $PYTHONPATH> --script-dir=<somewhere in $PATH>

Or, if you prefer pip:

pip install --editable --user <project>

You can see coverage across multiple projects as follows:

py.test --cov nta.utils --cov htmengine --cov taurus taurus_engine/tests/unit htmengine/tests/unit nta.utils/tests/unit


Each code directory defined below contains its own LICENSE.txt file and defines program dependencies within a file.

Main Products

HTM for Stocks

Code name: Taurus. Application for tracking company data.


Server-side code for Taurus.

Languages: Python


HTM for Stocks mobile client.

Languages: Java


Custom metric collectors for HTM for Stocks data providers.

Languages: Python


Monitoring scripts and related utilities for monitoring HTM for Stocks (Code name: Taurus).

Languages: Python



Cross-platform Desktop Application to demonstrate basic HTM functionality to users using their own data files.

Languages: Javascript, Python

Support Code


Shared python package with common utility functions for boilerplate configuration, logging, and other common operations.

Languages: Python


HTM Engine Framework upon which HTM for Stocks and other applications are built. Implements basic infrastructure for receiving data and running models, including support for custom metrics.

Languages: Python


Shared library used in taurus-mobile.

Languages: Java

Need Help?

File an issue in the main numenta-apps repository.


HTM based applications and support libraries. Includes HTM for Stocks (code name "Taurus") and HTM Studio (code name "Unicorn").



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