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Taurus Mobile Applications



The application was designed and tested on "Nexus 4".

Development Environment

System properties (gradle.properties)

  • Add gradle.properties file to your android folder with the following values:

    # Google Analytics Tracking ID
    # Email address to send user feedback
    systemProp.FEEDBACK_EMAIL = "support@domain.tld"
    # AWS Cognito Identity Pool ID
    # Taurus uses the Amazon Cognito Identity service and AWS Security Token Service to create
    # temporary, short-lived sessions used for authentication
    # DynamoDB Tables accessible by Taurus should be given read access to the roles associated
    # with the cognito pool id
    # For more information on how to setup these roles please refer to AWS Cognito documentation
    systemProp.COGNITO_POOL_ID = "us-east-1:xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    # Keystore password
    # Initial version code to use in addition to 'gitCommitCount'

Running Tests with Gradle

  • Add local.properties file to your android folder with the following values:

  • This project includes the gradle wrapper so there is no need to install gradle separately.

  • To build execute gradlew build
  • To test, launch the emulator first or plug your device in via USB, then execute:

    gradlew connectedCheck
  • The test reports will be generated in build/outputs/reports folder:


Running Functional Tests with Maven

See tests/behavioral/TaurusMobileApp/README.md

Running the Pipeline

In order to run the pipeline, you need to ensure a couple things are setup properly locally.

  • Ensure the Products repo is on your PYTHONPATH
  • Run pip install -r pipeline/requirements.txt
  • Your Application Signing keystore file must be located at /etc/numenta/products/keys/grok.keystore. See mobile-core/android/common.gradle for ways to override the default location.
  • ANDROID_HOME environment variable should be set to the location of your Android SDK (alternatively, set this in local.properties)
  • BUILD_PASSWORD environment variable must be set properly
  • Run an Android device locally. You can get a list of devices using android list avd and launch one using emulator -avd <avd_name>. To create a new device use android avd command.
  • SAUCE_USER_NAME environment variable must be set to Saucelabs username
  • SAUCE_KEY environment variable must be set to Saucelabs key
  • Set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the location of your Java installation.

Docker setup

Install dependencies


From within the infrastructure/coreos/ directory relative to numenta-apps root:

    vagrant up
    source env

vagrant up triggers vagrant to download the CoreOS image (if necessary) and (re)launch the instance

Build taurus-mobile and run tests using docker

  • Copy your Application Signing keystore file to .keys/grok.keystore directory:

    mkdir .keys
    cp /etc/numenta/products/keys/grok.keystore .key/grok.keystore
  • From numenta-apps/taurus-mobile:

    docker build -t taurus-mobile .
  • Run default build command on docker mapping the root of numenta-apps/ to /opt/numenta/products, for example:

    docker run --name taurus-mobile --rm -v `pwd`/..:/opt/numenta/products taurus-mobile
  • Run custom build on docker:

    docker run --name taurus-mobile --rm -v `pwd`/..:/opt/numenta/products taurus-mobile ./gradlew clean assembleQa