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# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC)
# Copyright (C) 2013, Numenta, Inc. Unless you have an agreement
# with Numenta, Inc., for a separate license for this software code, the
# following terms and conditions apply:
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Affero Public License version 3 as
# published by the Free Software Foundation.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# See the GNU Affero Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero Public License
# along with this program. If not, see
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
import numbers
from nupic.encoders.adaptive_scalar import AdaptiveScalarEncoder
from nupic.encoders.base import EncoderResult
import capnp
except ImportError:
capnp = None
if capnp:
from nupic.encoders.delta_capnp import DeltaEncoderProto
class DeltaEncoder(AdaptiveScalarEncoder):
This is an implementation of a delta encoder. The delta encoder encodes
differences between successive scalar values instead of encoding the actual
values. It returns an actual value when decoding and not a delta.
def __init__(self, w, minval=None, maxval=None, periodic=False, n=0, radius=0,
resolution=0, name=None, verbosity=0, clipInput=True, forced=False):
"""[ScalarEncoder class method override]"""
self._learningEnabled = True
self._stateLock = False
self.width = 0
self.encoders = None
self.description = [] = name
if periodic:
#Delta scalar encoders take non-periodic inputs only
raise Exception('Delta encoder does not encode periodic inputs')
assert n!=0 #An adaptive encoder can only be intialized using n
self._adaptiveScalarEnc = AdaptiveScalarEncoder(w=w, n=n, minval=minval,
maxval=maxval, clipInput=True, name=name, verbosity=verbosity, forced=forced)
self.n = self._adaptiveScalarEnc.n
self._prevAbsolute = None #how many inputs have been sent to the encoder?
self._prevDelta = None
def encodeIntoArray(self, input, output, learn=None):
if not isinstance(input, numbers.Number):
raise TypeError(
"Expected a scalar input but got input of type %s" % type(input))
if learn is None:
learn = self._learningEnabled
output[0:self.n] = 0
#make the first delta zero so that the delta ranges are not messed up.
if self._prevAbsolute==None:
self._prevAbsolute= input
delta = input - self._prevAbsolute
self._adaptiveScalarEnc.encodeIntoArray(delta, output, learn)
if not self._stateLock:
self._prevAbsolute = input
self._prevDelta = delta
return output
def setStateLock(self, lock):
self._stateLock = lock
def setFieldStats(self, fieldName, fieldStatistics):
def getBucketIndices(self, input, learn=None):
return self._adaptiveScalarEnc.getBucketIndices(input, learn)
def getBucketInfo(self, buckets):
return self._adaptiveScalarEnc.getBucketInfo(buckets)
def topDownCompute(self, encoded):
"""[ScalarEncoder class method override]"""
#Decode to delta scalar
if self._prevAbsolute==None or self._prevDelta==None:
return [EncoderResult(value=0, scalar=0,
ret = self._adaptiveScalarEnc.topDownCompute(encoded)
if self._prevAbsolute != None:
ret = [EncoderResult(value=ret[0].value+self._prevAbsolute,
# ret[0].value+=self._prevAbsolute
# ret[0].scalar+=self._prevAbsolute
return ret
def getSchema(cls):
return DeltaEncoderProto
def read(cls, proto):
encoder = object.__new__(cls)
encoder.width = proto.width = or None
encoder.n = proto.n
encoder._adaptiveScalarEnc = (
encoder._prevAbsolute = None if proto.prevAbsolute == 0 else proto.prevAbsolute
encoder._prevDelta = None if proto.prevDelta == 0 else proto.prevDelta
encoder._stateLock = proto.stateLock
encoder._learningEnabled = proto.learningEnabled
encoder.description = []
encoder.encoders = None
return encoder
def write(self, proto):
proto.width = self.width = or ""
proto.n = self.n
if self._prevAbsolute:
proto.prevAbsolute = self._prevAbsolute
if self._prevDelta:
proto.prevDelta = self._prevDelta
proto.stateLock = self._stateLock
proto.learningEnabled = self._learningEnabled
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