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Vagrant + CoreOS + Docker

The included Vagrantfile and configuration files are provided to support a docker-based workflow on top of CoreOS and Vagrant, in which nupic may be built in an isolated, and replicable Linux environment. CoreOS, the guest OS in the virtual machine (VM) in this example, is a minimal linux distribution that works particularly well with Docker, a platform for automating and running isolated linux containers. Vagrant provides a high-level interface for provisioning and launching VMs

Before you begin, install Vagrant from, clone this repository from, and cd into nupic/coreos-vagrant.

Bring up vm with vagrant and log in:

vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Once logged in, cd into ~/nupic and build the docker container:

cd nupic
docker build -t nupic:`git rev-parse HEAD` .

In the end you will see something like:

Step 23 : WORKDIR /home/docker
 ---> Running in 4bf37dbaeb13
 ---> <container id>
Removing intermediate container 4bf37dbaeb13
Successfully built <container id>

Then, launch the docker container, replacing the id with your own:

docker run -t -i nupic:`git rev-parse HEAD` /bin/bash

Then, cd into /usr/local/src/nupic and run tests:

cd /usr/local/src/nupic
scripts/run_nupic_tests -u --coverage