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NuPIC Wiki

The Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing, or NuPIC, is Numenta's implementation of Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). These pages contain guides and other information about using NuPIC and understanding how it implements HTM theory. Discussion of these topics is held on HTM Forum.

Getting Started With NuPIC

HTM Theory

Learn about what HTM is, how it works, and future theory.

Installing and Building

Find help downloading, building, and running NuPIC in different environments.

Using NuPIC

Prep your data, swarm to find the best model parameters, and stream it into NuPIC to get predictions and anomaly scores.

Learning NuPIC

Dive into the NuPIC codebase and find out where the algorithms are implemented, how they work, and how to twiddle with them.

Creating Applications

Helpful tools and guides for creating your own HTM applications with NuPIC.

Contributing to NuPIC

Get involved! Help us advance our cortical learning algorithms, hierarchical temporal memory, and be the catalyst for machine intelligence!

Other Topics

NuPIC Community

How to get involved in our community, even if you are not an engineer and just want to theorize.


Here lies a collection of projects Numenta and other NuPIC community members have created using NuPIC. There are good examples of NuPIC usage inside.


First, take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions page. The best place to send general questions about NuPIC is HTM Forum. This is our primary communication channel. If you have other questions regarding this wiki or the Numenta org on Github and its projects, please contact help@numenta.org.