CHANGELOG Guidelines

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The CHANGELOG is now updated within the release process.

A CHANGELOG is a file that sits along with the source code that defines the major changes that occur within a project's releases.


# Changelog

## 0.1.23 (in progress)

* Style updates
* Added milestone due_on.

## 0.1.22

* Updated to client-side rendering of road map.
* Sprinter version bump to get better caching.

## 0.1.21

* Style changes for road map, removed logs.

## 0.1.20

* Using repo type to filter which repos are used in road map.


  • CHANGELOG is markdown.
  • New lines are added to the top of the CHANGELOG.
  • The current version being worked upon is the top entry.
  • As developers add features and fix bugs, they add entries to the CHANGELOG under the currently-developed version.
  • A new in progress version is added to the top of the CHANGELOG as a part of the release process, after a release as been pushed.